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Hiya guys..

So I was going through my system and I found the Dando pictures I had saved to put up on the blog in December but apparently, I never got around to it *covers face* and it feels like years since I put anything up. I hope you all are doing alright and life is treating you well?

The Dando outreach was a huge success. We went to all the places that we planned to go and everything we took out, food, water and drinks was exhausted completely! Nothing remained! We had over 400 packs of food and drinks and we gave everything out. I can't remember any time that I was more tired than I was on that day but I also can't remember a time that I was happier. That day simply fabulous.

I can't tell too much story but I hope the pictures below would tell the story(they're quite a lot..sorry), enjoy...

L-R Beulah, Ibukun, & Kanyin

L-R Beulah, Ibukun, Kanyin and Busayo

Kitchen Prep

Prayer First


More praying.. lol

L-R Kolade, Jide, Tayo, Sola, Habeeb, Can't remember his name, Lekan(the convener), Bayo and Dami

L-R Ibukun, Busayo, Beulah & Kanyin

L-R Tayo, Habeeb, Jide, Ibukun, ..., Dami, Beulah, Sola, Kanyin, Lekan, Busayo and Bayo

Dami Our

If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and sorry for your data.

We're planning another outreach for October, if you'd love to support the program with your resources, money, expertise or physical presence, we'd be happy to have you. Please contact me via mail at This time, we would be building a playground for a public school at Omole.

Have a wonderful week guys.



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