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Its been ages since I posted anything here.. 

I stopped praying a few months ago, I don't know why, I just stopped. Even though I know its wrong, I just can't bring myself to. I know God loves me and all the excuses I tell myself about how God doesn't listen to the prayers of sinners and run away children are just that, excuses but tell that to my heart. I used to teach Sunday school so I know the truth but knowing in your head and feeling in your heart and mind are completely different things. I'd like to think that God is still looking out for me and that's why he stopped me yesterday just before I jumped in front of a moving trailer in a  hurry to get to work.

I honestly have no idea how to transition from this prayer-less life to a life where I at least say a prayer in the morning and on my bed at night.

I had plans for the year but where they are and what happened to them is a mystery.

The situation of the economy right now is something to weep about. Everything is super expensive, some borderline exorbitant yet income hasn't increased even by a fraction so, here we are.. On days like this, I think about our past leaders and the roles they each played especially the corrupt ones and my heart just curses them in anger and pain. Yet, some people want David Cameron's head on a stake because he called us "fantastically corrupt", really? I had to ask myself if we don't all live in the same Nigeria and if we don't all complain about our corrupt politicians. Infact, in the last 10 or so months, all we hear about in the news is one corruption case/arrest/trial after another yet people are screaming blue murder because David Cameron had the "temerity" to say it on record. We need help in this nation.

Earlier this week, the government finally removed the subsidy on PMS and set the price at a "band not higher than 145 naira" and although this means that things are going to be harder around here, I am grateful that subsidy has finally been taken out. The sheer magnitude of corruption that has been perpetrated under the guise of payment for fuel subsidy is staggering. A few years ago, one administration claimed to "partially remove subsidy" and claimed to have saved 2.1  trillion as a result but no one knows exactly what happened to that money till today. So yes, I'm grateful that subsidy is gone. I also think its good that anyone can import PMS now. Even though it will be more expensive than 86 naira, it will at least be available for purchase.

Now to the NLC/Dino Melaye characters, I just shake my head at them. When people in Mowe, Ibadan, even Lagos and basically every state except Abuja, were selling fuel at #150 to #200 some even #250, for weeks, no one complained, no one protested. Now, that fuel is #145(like #55 cheaper than we were buying before) they want to protest the price. Bunch of jokers! They think we're stupid. Isn't this the same dance we danced during Obasanjo and Jonathan's tenure? Different musicians, same beat, same dance(much like the Nigerian music scene). The government increases pump price to a ridiculous amount, bearing in mind that the price they want it at is probably #30 or #40 cheaper than that. NLC protests and declares a 1 week "warning strike", they have a "stakeholders' meeting", NLC says no, we go on the strike, government calls for another meeting, they set the price #30 or #40 below the ridiculous price earlier set, NLC "agrees", strike ends, "everyone" is happy... Shior! yeye dey smell. Like I said earlier, we have done this dance many times before, the moves are so familiar, we can do it in our sleep. Anyway, I wish them best of luck. I'll just wait for the strike to take that much needed 1 week break I've been meaning to take since April.

That's all for today. I hope I don't go on another hiatus and come back soon.

Enjoy the rest of May. God bless you.



  1. Stay strong and best wishes!

  2. Glad that you have come back.

    I also stopped praying and observing my quiet time daily at some point in my life. I hope sometime down the line I'd resume my daily quiet time. Anyways, this brought me to a whole new sphere of Christianity - one in which I could say a two minutes prayer in between tasks and most importantly, one in which I was conscious of my Christian life as being an every-moment experience rather than the thirty minutes spent in prayers. It's one I relish and one I presume is salutary.


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