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Life is like a big merry go round... that's a line from one of my favourite songs.

I was chatting with an old friend today and I remembered back when I was in school and he was already working, when he'd tell me he was still in the office at 8 or 9pm. I never understood the rationale behind it. I would complain and preach every night. My whole mind then was, why would anyone stay this late at work. The work would still be there tomorrow so what the hell? Why stay so long at work... fast forward 6 years later, I also have a job in a bank and my hours are crazy! I have left the office at a few minutes to 9 too many times to count. I guess, like he said, "life happens to us all..."

I don't know the morale of this, I just thought to document it*shines teeth*



  1. Stop doing gbegborun during "day" hours and you'll close early enough. That's the moral :D

    1. You just called me a gbeborun... issokay.

      Agamaeyez on you Memphis..


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