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New beginnings..

*MC walks into the blog*


*clears cobwebs*

*coughs again*

*clears more cobwebs*

*clears throat*

Ladies and gentlemen of Sunshine's Musings, I am happy to present to you, the runaway Sunshine. She stopped musing a month ago(without any reason or apology) and kept y'all opening the blog every Monday and disappointing you each time, here she is to do with as you please*evil grin*

*blog readers nod in approval with some rubbing their palms together imagining the possibilities*

*Sunshine grabs the mic..*


Dearest blog readers, I know its been very looong, too long and I'm so very sorry, I have no excuse, its procrastination dat cause it, please forgive me, I promise to do better this year.

* blog readers consider her plea and decide to forgive her(yay!)*

*pushes evil MC away*

Hiya guys! How are you all doing? I so sorry for the unannounced hiatus. How was your Christmas and new year break?

Happy new year to you all. I pray that this year will bring us dominion in all areas of our lives and divine favour always. I also pray that in this year, we will possess all our possessions and take every territory we set our sights on.

Sunshine's Musings is back y'all!

Thanks to all those who kept opening the blog, and that BV that kept calling to ask when the next blog post will come, I appreciate you.

Have a fabulous week ahead and stay blessed.



  1. Happy new year boo!

    dont keep us refreshing ooo.... new year resolution! to always leave a comment! *kisses and couscous*

  2. @"its procrastination dat cause it"

    Hhehhehe dont sweat it Bubba.. #NoPressure! as our anger dont matter no more :) what matters is that yaf come back. So i guess welcome is in order huh?! Best Wishes for the weekend Sunshine.


  3. I always look forward to this, please don't keep up waiting again o. Welcome back.

    Happy new year


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