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Humans of Lagos

Prior to now, I have always thought that Lagosians are the craziest set of people in this country and are more often than not mean. I may in fact be one of those mean lagosians. This opinion changed two weeks ago.

New beginnings..

*MC walks into the blog*

*clears cobwebs*
*coughs again*
*clears more cobwebs*
*clears throat*
Ladies and gentlemen of Sunshine's Musings, I am happy to present to you, the runaway Sunshine. She stopped musing a month ago(without any reason or apology) and kept y'all opening the blog every Monday and disappointing you each time, here she is to do with as you please*evil grin*
*blog readers nod in approval with some rubbing their palms together imagining the possibilities*
*Sunshine grabs the mic..*