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One Man's Meat.. and a Surprise..

Hiya people, how are you doing?

A little background on me. When I was a lot younger, I was very quiet and calm, didn't talk too much, never held grudges(except with my sis of course... we kept malice like all the time), and basically a good child. You know that one sibling that your parents never cease to tell you to emulate? that was me and it used to piss my sister off. I remember my dad always telling Kabuoy to be more like me, I was non confrontational, very quiet and gentle, always went back to daddy even after I had been flogged or scolded, and had a sunny disposition to everything. I was really patient too(still patient but not as much as I used to be). Even now, when my sister tells my dad that I'm not as quiet as I used to be, he finds it hard to believe.

Fast forward a few years, and the story has changed. I can be really quiet when I want to(which is not often) but I'm mostly very outspoken and blunt these days and can be confrontational in close quarters(with colleagues and friends). You can't just order me to do stuff, I'll ask you why? And I can be saucy when I want to. I've been wondering where the old me went and how I acquired this new personality but I haven't made any head way in that department yet. Sometimes, I wonder if I should try to change who I am(this is in relation to husband tinz) cos I understand men don't like women like me

I have these two friends, I met one at work last year and the other at church four years ago. One day, I was gisting with the friend from church, a lot of people think we're dating cos of how close we are so we were laughing about it when he said, he could never marry me cos we would fight a lot. He then went ahead to tell me all the stuff he didn't like about me, how my tendency to be saucy is a huge problem and how my need to always ask questions is also a problem. He capped it off by saying I am proud and a relationship between us would never work out. Now, prior to that time, a relationship between us had never occurred to me cos we weren't really as close as people assumed we were, still, it hurt when he said it and I immediately went on the defensive but thinking about it later, I saw that regardless of how I felt about it, that was a feedback I needed to examine and learn from which I did and I'm now more conscious about some of the stuff he raised.

My colleague on the other hand is a different story altogether. He likes me and wants to die on top my matter because of the very same thing friend A above hates. How did I find out his preference? He'd been asking me out for a year and I told him I wasn't interested(because he had a girlfriend even though he claimed the relationship was "practically dead" but they hadn't really broken up officially...and they're still at it o, one year later) but he refused to take no for an answer. One of these days, on our way home, we got talking about genotype and found out that our genotypes don't mix, he was so Even after this, he still wouldn't let me rest. I have this friend who I love like a sister, she's the complete opposite of me, incredibly patient, non confrontational, kind to a fault ati be be lo, and my colleague is one of the nicest guys I know, real gentlemanly and stuff so I thought it would be good to connect them. I told my colleague about my friend and how she's very quiet, nice, good looking and God fearing. I told him about her Joblike patience and how she would be perfect for him.

A few weeks after I told him about her, I brought it up again in a bid to set a date. My friend then went ahead to tell me that he doesn't like nice girls... say what? He said he likes girls like me(I vexed for this one. That's him saying I'm not nice) that he doesn't like someone that will obey his every command without question(which is who my friend is cos she will believe the direction comes from God not the flesh... I keep telling her that her husband must be a Pastor), he wants someone who would not follow him blindly but will ask questions and ask to know why something is happening. I just shook my head at him. Every man I know wants an obedient wife, you are looking for someone who will question you at every turn. He mentioned to me that his (ex)girlfriend is(was) like that always questioning him et al and that they had a lot of misunderstandings as a result.

I can't wrap my head around why anyone would like that, besides the make up sex that is, there's really nothing to gain. At least, that's my own opinion. But like they say, different strokes for different folks. I haven't been able to get my mind off it so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you. I think that all these rules and regulations they throw around for women to enable them "get that bae" is a load of crap. Some of them are basic common sense that a 15 year old girl knows and the rest is just nonsense. There are different kinds of people with diverse personalities and saying one list of dos and donts will fit everyone is simply preposterous. That's not to encourage anyone to keep bad habits and behaviours in the hopes that someone who would like the bad habits and/or behaviours will come around. I just think that everyone should work at being the best version of themselves they can be and the world would be just fine.

That's it folks, please share your own opinion(s) in the comment section below.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the part 2 of today's post :)

First and foremost, if you were not at Daystar's carol service on Wednesday, you are on a loooooooong tin! It was fantamazinglywonderful! I had so much fun, my sister and I literally dragged ourselves out of the hall cos we had to prepare for work on Monday. We stopped to dance like 3 or 4 times on our way out of the cos everytime we carried our bags, the choir would start another song that we just had to dance

Dear people of God, as much as I'd like to tell you all about the carol service, I can't because something equally(if not more) interesting happened at the service. This is going to be long, if you want the abridged version, please go to

That's how I got to the hall on Sunday evening. I got there really early so I could get seats for my sister and I. At first, I sat at one side of the hall in front but I didn't like my view of the stage so a few minutes later, I changed seats. At my new seat now, there was this nice lady seating beside me but just before the service started, she stood up and left, I didn't know if she was coming back so when the ushers asked if there was someone on the seat, I shrugged. And few seconds later, an usher directed a guy to the seat. I remember laughing hysterically to some jokes the comedians shared but I can't recall if the guy was there while I was laughing my head off. Anywaiz, as you can probably tell, the guy is an important part of this gist.

Moving on.. My sis eventually showed up after she missed like the funniest joke of the year(shubby) and sat between the guy and I. All through the service, my sis and I did many roborebe tinz, I kept hugging her like every, we danced too much, jumped up and danced to almost every song, I remember trying out my newly acquired shoki skills and my sis giving the nod of approval, I remember mumsie coming to drop a big bag containing party rice, cake, water, and some other stuff for us and the guy smiled at the bag..hahaha, I also remember my sis offering him her small shops pack and he took one puff puff or, I remember walking out of my seat too many times during the service and finally, I remember scattering dance to the fuji part of the service*sign of the cross*

All the while, I didn't see the nice guy but I have it on good authority that he did not dull himself too as one of his legs was reportedly in the air at some point during the service. I remember asking him if he was Igbo at some point during the service too. Anywaiz, to cut this long story short, at the (official)end of the service I looked up to see Mr. nice guy shaking my sister and confirming her name, a few nano seconds later I heard her scream, I looked up to see what had her screaming cos he was standing behind me. Then she pointed at him and said CHRISYINKS! I'm like, What? Are you high? Then she points at the guy and he's just smiling there like nothing happened. Then we both

He waited till the very very end to introduce himself...smh And the most annoying part of this story is, my sister does not remember his name..smh at that babe.

Anywaiz, I met our very own Chrisyinks on Sunday for like the briefest time and he was the coolest. And he now has a stalker at Daystar Christian Centre*shines teeth*


Anywaiz, that's it from me today folks. Have a fabulous Tuesday and may the rest of the week be success and favour full.

God bless you.



  1. The first part of this post resonates with my current situation (been trying to write an article about my individuality). The second part, well, was a mutual experience, need I say more.

    Back to the first part, I don't believe anyone's 'personality' remains static throughout their lives. One's 'personality' is dependent on their upbringing, the knowledge one assimilates, one's socio-cultural environment and many other factors; basically, one's 'personality' is dynamic. More importantly, I think we owe it to OURSELVES to live the best version of ourselves as you've written. Although, I'd love to be described as nice, non-confrontational, ati be be lo, I've learnt to be pragmatic in handling life's challenges/opportunities. Hence, if wisdom dictates that a situation needs me to be aggressive to achieve my objective, that I'd be. I think your concluding paragraph for part one of your post says it all. Let me just remark that coming off as saucy to most people isn't salutary. It's okay to vent our emotional feeling, but also it is necessary to preserve respect in any relationship.

    For the second part of your post, glad to be able to put a face to the blog ID Sunshine and her insightful comments/blogposts, good command of English Language, ati be be lo!
    (ohh, I was there for the most part of the jokes. They were hilarious jokes ..... it'd be inhumane for any human not to laugh).

  2. Hiyyyyaa.. Soo you switched characters from Cindarella to her step Sisters huh?! Ooookkaayy! I think its actually a tad normal for that to happen.. I mean as we grow older.. we inevitably either get more ghen ghen or less ghen ghen (for lack of a better word) but all in all. I think its prime that we keep whatever we become in Check.. I mean Dont end up being too Nice or being too Ghen Ghen!

    About Dating amd all the mushy mushy stuff! Wo!! Me i cannot come and goan lie to ye Nne! For a girlfriend yeah.. I want me someone who will Challenge and kweShion me **Licks lips.. Eezzz Sexy like that! Someone who would Argue the most flimsiest of things et al.. But Sunshine toh Shine Ju Eko Sun lo... For a wife!!! Wo! Me i dont want to die before my time biko! Hence I want an Obedient SomeboRRy.. that even if i asked for the craziest of things.. like to Bang by 3 Am on a work day.. she wihh willing oblige and say: "Yes sir..." So its a thing of Maturity iGuess.. I mean any guy who wants an overly GHEN GHEN wife does so at Marrier's Risk Biko :(

    Oh Wow! Nice that you connected with a reader of yours.. Amazing isn't it Bubba?! How Small the world is regardless its large land mass.. and how one small choice like changing sits could make a lasting difference :)

    Cheers Sunshine.. and please Nne.. no MaRRa what you come and goan become yeah... never you lose the "sunny disposition to everything". **Wears Mr. Nigeria Smile.

    Wait! Holl uP first!! the guy has Been asking you out for 1 year! 1 WHOLE YEAR! 365 Days! 52 weeks?! Meehhnn the Baba gats patience oh! Kilode!!! He needs to mentor me biko.. :) UDo.

  3. uhmmmnnn.... \me i want someone that would looooove me for who I am o! the crazy, the emotional, the mushy, the nice, the saucey sometimes, the sensitive.... everything.

    i cam to tis conclusion long ago that there is someone for everyone. there is that one person that'll love what another doesn't like about you. as much as i'd love to tone some parts down a bit... e.g the talkative part, and improve on some other parts, i think there's someone out there that would want Kabuoy, just the way she is/with a little tweak here ad there. loool I strongly believe this!

    Chrisyinks... two hands up for you. Nothing do you!

    1. Talk-a-lot babe... *sigh

      Please try and tone it down so it doesn't pass off as immaturity. Basically, be sensitive to a situation before you throw that tantrum.
      And I'm sure you will be just fine. Girls like you don't have wahala cause you create attention for yourself innately, so it is also up to you to know the right kind of attendees that you want. Get it? so shine your light and direct it somewhere specific. *big head Lol*
      By the way, I don't know whose head is bigger between you and Ibk(yea, I said it).

      Compliments of the season.

      Firsts time reader... Lol


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