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Hiya guys, how's the week going? Fabulous? Not so fabulous? Lets know in the comment section.

So, I went on a 3 day retreat last week, it was absolutely amazing. I got to discuss a lot of stuff with God et al, so now, I'm hoping for the best. Also...

The most amazing Experience happened on Friday and it was absolutely wonderful! All the performances were fabulous and the best part? I didn't sleep a wink! At the other ones I have attended, I'd doze during some prayer sessions or during the sermon but this one, my eyes were open through out and it was such a blessing. If you have never been, maybe you should start planning for the next one, it usually happens on the first Friday in December, hope to see you there next year.

On Saturday, I had a reunion of sorts with friends from secondary school. We were all supposed to see a movie at Film House Cinema but there was no light at Leisure Mall...(smh at those people), we were there for hours! Anywaiz, seeing as we hadn't seen each other in 8 years except for Facebook pictures, Leisure Mall couldn't spoil our mood. We caught up on gist and reminisced about our days in school and all the crazy stuff that used to happen. Many of us had increased in size(including yours truly) but one girl in particular remained as tiny as she was back in school. In fact, if not for the weave and make-up, you'd mistake her for a  JS 1 pikin. All in all, it was a good day.

Then on Sunday, church was amazeballz! I will find time to write about the sermon but basically, the pastor talked about success, its principles and one thing that hinders it. Our home work was; Go home, think about the way you think, and change your thinking.
One thing I took away from the service was: Your thinking is influenced by the quality of information you feed yourself with and your thinking also influences your success. Since the church started these teachings on Success in November, its been on my mind everyday. I've not been able to forget it.

After Church on Sunday, I went for a meeting with a group of friends. We're planning to feed 400 homeless people this Christmas. One of us had the burden in his heart a few weeks ago and decided to share it with us. We discussed the logistics and all at the meeting and concluded that it was possible. We found out that the best place to find truly homeless people is on the pedestrian bridges and at the motor parks very very early in the morning. So, we worked out the logistics of cooking and distribution of the food and drinks to the people. We're planning to go all the way from Mile 12 under-bridge to Ijora Badiya, I know its pretty long but we will be concentrating on the bridges and parks along the way and there are many pedestrian bridges on Ikorodu road. The message we're trying to pass across is "Jesus loves you". This is just to spread the word and let you know that you can influence your environment no matter how little. Put a smile on someone's face this season and God will bless you.

Then, I resumed work yesterday, smh... I wish I didn't have to work so I'm working hard so I can retire at 40 and just watch the money roll

Anywaiz, that's what's up with me. Oh... it looks like I won't be going home for Christmas. I broke the news to my mum this morning and saying she wasn't happy is the understatement of the

So that's it folks. What's up with you? Anything going on in your life you'd like to share? Anything at all, just sound off in the comment section below.

Have a fabulous week ahead.



  1. Now anytime I miss an interesting service, I can be rest assured that you'd write about the key learning points. Good one with the noble gesture of love you guys are planning.

  2. "there was no light at Leisure Mall."

    DafuQQ!! Really! Aha?!!!! eez not a joking sturvzz sam sam oh! **deep Sigh.. It is well.---> lack of "continuous proper Administration" I fear that has and always will be an issue in my Dear Nation.

    That being said.. Wowzaa! 400! Thats a lot oh! May GOD bless you and your Team Nne and may his face continually shine on you! Weldone Nne.. Welodone.. P.S: I recently heard of a Destitute Home somewhere in Ebute Metta.. (Please check out your kindness could help those kids as well. Pretty please.. I think Food clique have the address of same.. Pleassseeee...

    This was a great read.. and its interesting how our thoughts control our lives... and how simply thinking about what we are thinking about could create a life of unmeasurable success... Thanks for sharing Sunshine toh shine ju Sunlight lo :) And Merry Christmas.. **Wears Evil smile.


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