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One Man's Meat.. and a Surprise..

Hiya people, how are you doing?

A little background on me. When I was a lot younger, I was very quiet and calm, didn't talk too much, never held grudges(except with my sis of course... we kept malice like all the time), and basically a good child. You know that one sibling that your parents never cease to tell you to emulate? that was me and it used to piss my sister off. I remember my dad always telling Kabuoy to be more like me, I was non confrontational, very quiet and gentle, always went back to daddy even after I had been flogged or scolded, and had a sunny disposition to everything. I was really patient too(still patient but not as much as I used to be). Even now, when my sister tells my dad that I'm not as quiet as I used to be, he finds it hard to believe.

Goings on...


Hiya guys, how's the week going? Fabulous? Not so fabulous? Lets know in the comment section.

So, I went on a 3 day retreat last week, it was absolutely amazing. I got to discuss a lot of stuff with God et al, so now, I'm hoping for the best. Also...