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Sisi Lady

My sister had this principal in secondary school that used to say "ladies must behave in a seemly manner at all times". Although it was a common joke in their school that time, that phrase has stuck with me since then. My mum also taught us something along those lines and as such, I always try to be collected and ladylike everywhere I go. Although its hard trying to be collected when you have to deal with danfo drivers and okada men on a daily (Lord! I need a car) I have successfully managed to keep it together until last week Thursday.

So usually, when okada men or danfo drivers or conductors mouth off at me or bully me, I just ignore them or alight (if they haven't moved). I don't reply them much less exchange words with them. But Thursday morning was a different morning.

There's a bus stop in my area called Estate, from the junction of my house to estate bus stop costs 50 naira by keke, bike or bus. The thing about this bus stop is, it’s the easiest to get to the island ‘cos its on a major road but that time Fashola banned bikes from major roads, they moved the bike bus stop almost 1km away from the actual bus stop so you have to walk quite a distance to get bike every time. In the mornings however, say between 4:30 and 5:45am, bikes usually take people to the old bus stop which is practically on the express for an additional 50 bucks which is fine by me as far as its saving me the extra 3-5 minutes it takes me to walk to the bus stop.

So on Thursday, I took a bike from the junction and explained to him that he will take me to the old bus stop (I always do this to weed out the ones that will drop you half way and collect full price. Once they say they're not going, I call another one) and he agreed. Price was 100 bucks. So we moved but as we approached the new bus stop (the one that's far away from the road) one of their agbero people stopped him and said he couldn't go forward and the mumu stopped while other bikes sped past us to the front. I calmly told him, “I won't pay you full price for taking me half way to where I'm going so I will pay you 50 bucks”. He gave me this you-must-be-joking look and didn't say anything, I calmly counted 50 bucks change from my purse and gave him, he didn't collect it so I tucked it under his helmet and moved. That's how he grabbed me by the arm.

At first I wasn't angry. I just stopped and calmly told him that we had an agreement, (he went back on it and still expects me to go through with it because I'm Buhari's pikin abi?). On a normal day, that 50 bucks is nothing, I won't think too much before I dash my apple or indomie vendor my 50 bucks change. Even a nice okada rider will get my 50 bucks change if I'm happy so it wasn't about the money. It was the fact that the guy really thought he had earned that 50 bucks when he didn't do anything fantastic. He chose to stop when he could have gone forward like others. At some point, he told me to come back on the bike that he'd take me forward, it was already too late, I had spent 2 minutes of time I didn't have so what was the point(plus, I was determined not to give him that 50 bucks).

As I moved on again, he grabbed my arm again, I stopped, told him to get his hand off me and continued walking (all this time I was still calm) then he parked his bike and stretched his hand as if he wanted to take my bag or hit me, I just lost it.  I don't even know where the boldness came from, I just said “ehn!? What do you want to do? You want to hit me? Oh, you want to steal from me! Because of 50 naira, abi? Oya, open my bag and take my money without my consent and see what happens to you in this town”. I just kept hammering on that stealing and my voice was getting louder with each word that came out of my mouth. I was so angry, I was shaking. As my voice grew louder, he put his hands down and just stared at me. I just turned and walked away.

As soon as I started walking, I felt ashamed for causing a scene. It wouldn't have cost me anything to give him that 50 naira but I was not going to pay him for something he didn't do. He didn't earn it and his nonchalant attitude didn't help either. I honestly don't know what I want you to take from this, I guess I just wanted to share the experience with y’all.

How has your Monday been? Mine has been real busy. The only reason why I can type this now is because network is down so mails aren't coming in or going out at the moment. I hope you had a fabulous Monday?

Have a fab week ahead.


I typed this up yesterday but there was no network to put it up. My apologies for the lateness.

Have an awesome Tuesday.


  1. Yyyyaaayyyy! First to comment! Oshey baddest! **Pops collar! Well.. What more can Omolomo say.. Welcome to the real world eh! You do know that if yaaf not come and goan fight with all these Commuters.. then yaf not taste what Lagos really is ba?! But biko be safe eh! make sure you ONLY And i mean ONLY try this when you have back up!

    Cheers Sunshine toh Shine ju Sun Lo. keep winning Bae.. And chill on the stress meter a bit.. We only Live once nah! Stress liTTle Bubba biko... and the crowd goes.. Ooooosshheeey Turn uP!

    P.S: Biko when are we gonna see ya ghen ghen picShur of life nah?!

  2. Oh well, there would be those who would push one to wall. Its all part of the cycle of life. Over the weekend I had a similar experience and I snapped afterwards the guilt came and lasted for the whole day. Sometimes we need the once in a blue moon outburst, being cool and collected doesn't mean one should be trodden on.

  3. "...I don't reply them much less exchange words with them. But Thursday morning was a different morning..."

    "...He didn't earn it and his nonchalant attitude didn't help either...".

    Sounds convincing when trying to explain *the other side* of your nature. But when you really think about it you'll realize finally that it wasn't really necessary causing a scene; no matter your mood, no matter your principle, no matter his warped mentality, ultimately, it was "just N50". There was something happens even to me. You can bottle up and be depressed about a past issue and just look for an outlet to explode, releasing the steam.


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