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Of Crushing and Crushes

Err... I had a pretty good idea of how I will start this post but its all gone Anywaiz, as you can deduce from the title, I have a crush! Yay!!! BTW, who remembers the drink above? It was my best drink way back when... good times..

For those who know me, my crushes don't bother or faze them anymore cos I have them every and anywhere on many Like I stated in the About Me post, I love love love fine boys and so even if I can't have them, I have full scale crushes on

But you see, I've not had a good crush in a loooong time, and this just feels silly and incredibly exciting. I laugh at myself every time I think about it. To think I hated the guy's guts at first...smh

First, What's a crush?

Anywaiz, who's my crush?

Well, he's this guy that works in one far away branch of my bank like that, his voice is to die for but his face?..not so much but he's not ugly. He read one gen gen engineering course like that(only God knows what he's doing in a bank) in one oyinbo school in the UK I think(thank you Google). I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or is even married sef(chai!) but I'll be pained if he is cos all my crushes have ended up married or engaged e.g. Gbenro, Ebuka, OC and now DJ Exclusive too.. *wails in Spanish*

How did we meet?

Well, we haven't actually met, but I googled him*covers face*(I just had to put a face to the voice :( ) 

He needed something from my unit last week so he called and I told him he couldn't get it until probably a week from then not cos I couldn't provide it but because it was standard procedure. Dear bros then tried to use his voice on me, going "even for me?" in that his sexy voice. I'm like, hian! Who's this one trying to charm his way into skipping procedure? I don't even know you. And every time he called he'd go "Ibk whats up" and personally, I hate people who feel familiar with me so I detested it(but now that he's my crush, I am loving it...hahaha).

Anyway, that's that about my current crush. I think I'm setting myself up for heartbreak but who cares? I'm just here enjoying the feeling of having a good ol crush on an actual human being(that's not to say my other crushes aren't human but.... y'all get the gist sha).

Now that you know so much about me(hahahaha) I think its only fair that you tell me about your crush(es) too, not so? Thanks jare, I knew you'd see things my way. Oya, spill! What's your take on crushes? Do you have them? Do you think they're worth your while? Any current crush(es)? Valentina? Valentino?*side eyes*


To all the silent readers, I appreciate your stopping by to read the posts. I know one day one day, you will drop a

Have a fabulous Thursday guys, be awesome!



  1. Can I just say I love you? Not the usual blogger-fan love but you speak my mind and write my experience most of the time. I likeyyy you! Ok so back to the post. So it was a sunday during cell meeting, I heard his voice, my eyes popped out like it had grown springs my neck developed a mind of its own and made my head rotate 60degrees towards him! He is soooooooooooooo fine! He looks like jamaal in Empire. Prior to that time I had been forming distant for my cell leader, then I saw him and I suddenly became the spokeperson for the cell, I made cell leader give me all the names of the members and identifying them just so I would get to know about him. I kept telling my Kharis engratia which means to hold oneself in, in greek but no, it seems as though my brain undergoes a change of state and becomes liquid and my heart butter with no thoughts left everytime I see him. Sigh, shaking my liquid filled head. *coversface*

  2. You know what's most annoying?, having a crush and as time goes on,the crushing spirit just disappears and vanishes to no where,just out of the blues! Lool,then you start seeing the person just as he is.

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  4. Hmmmmmmnnn. Young ladies n crushes.


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