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Looking for Bro..?

Hello people, how are you all doing? How has the last one week been? And how's your Monday turning out? Great I hope.. The last one week was half crazy and half good. I started my 7 days leave on Thursday and I had to work on the same Thursday and didn't close until past 8, it is well. But since then, its been fun. I've been sleeping well, eating not so well(laziness) and generally just resting so its been good.

Today I'm going to be writing about something that has been coming up a lot in my conversations lately.

My church, the one I've been attending for most of my life, is in Onike and the branch I attend is in Akoka. My house to church on a good day without traffic by public transport is say... 45mins to 1hour. I've been making this commute at least once a week for 4years now, sometimes I go weekdays too and most times, like 90% of the time, I go for meetings on Saturdays too and other vigils. I love my church and don't mind making the commute so no issues.

Recently tho, I discovered Daystar which is like 20-30mins from my house on a good day and there's never traffic. I love Daystar cos of the brevity of their services(1hr 30mins), the praise & worship sessions and Pst. Sam's messages. So, on days when I have to do laundry in the morning or I'm too lazy to make the 1hr commute to church or wake up early, I choose to go to Daystar's 2nd or 3rd service. I get home in time and I can sleep the rest of the day. In my church on the other hand, its always a full 4 hour service and there's group meetings after so on a good day, I get home from church around 3 or 4pm.

Lately, I'm more inclined to wake up on a sunday morning and go to Daystar than to go to Onike. Now, when I do show up in my church and people ask where I've been, I tell them I went to Daystar and they give me this look like "what?", and then they get this knowing look in their eyes like they know something. They smile and say "oh... So that's where the "brother" is?" The first time it happened, I was lost, I didn't get what the guy was saying so I just smiled and walked away. It wasn't until later that his question clicked. So the only reason I can change my church or attend a service at another church is because of a man?

These days every time someone asks me, and I tell them I went to Daystar all of them, I mean All of them conclude that its cos of a man. I get that I'm at that age where marriage is the reigning topic but for everyone to conclude that I'm visiting a church because of a man is just funny.

Anyway, that's it. Why do people think the only reason I can go to a church is to meet a man? Can't I just go and find God? Isn't it possible that I'm dissatisfied with the messages I have been hearing and hunger for a change? Anywaiz, anytime people say that, I make sure to tell them that there's no "brother" anywhere so there's no misconstrusion.

I'm not sure what I'm asking you but that's my current situation, everyone assuming that I'm going to church because of a man. It can be really annoying.

Today is my baby sister's birthday, she calls herself D-Diva(whatever that means). She's fifteen years old today and on most days I can't believe how much she's grown now. She still talks like a baby but she has her own mind and sometimes, I'm astonished at her thoughts and the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She never stops to remind me that she's now a big girl every time I smother her with hugs and kisses especially in her school, she always reminds me that she's now in SS3 and has a reputation to I don't care tho, I just go ahead and give her more hugs and kisses cos she's my baby, always has been, always will be.

She's our ray of sunshine, always making us laugh, has all the best photo apps cos she can take selfies for Africa, has all the craziest songs(we're still praying for her, has the cutest smile ever(after my own of, and never fails to drive her parents nuts with her antics. She's the one person who never fails to tell me she loves me every time we speak.

Here's wishing my darling baby sister, our crown, a very happy birthday. I pray she will continue to grow in wisdom, grace and favour.

Dear baby sis, I'll love you till hell freezes over. You're my sunshine, my baby and my friend. God bless and keep you for me.

Thanks for stopping by guys. Have a fabulous week ahead.



  1. Happy birthday to D-Diva. God bless her plenty. Welcome to the Daystar clique, hope it meets every of your needs!

  2. Happy birthday to D-Diva...manymor years. And it not fair that Daystar is only in Lagos!

  3. @"I get home from church around 3 or 4pm" Aha!! WaRRapin ni?! Kilode?! Thats too long nah! I was in a similar Dilemma with the 11Am Catholic Mass a while ago. They wihh take your time eehhnn.. :( Until i saw the light **Plays Hallelujah as Background music.. So now yeah.. on days when Dad isnt in town or isnt attending... (hence i dont hvae to Drive).. I jejely Stick to the sharp sharp 6 AM mass biko.. Causee Jo oh!Omolomo cannot come and goan spend the whole day in Church now..

    hehehhehehe she said "Age when Marriage is Reigning.." hhehehe lmao.. Ya not sha well oh you this geh.. ROTFL aha nah! Eezz neFer that Deep nah! neFFFeeerrrrr! lmao! hehehehehe Dont mind them oh Jari.. Find what makes you Happy and the place you can connect to GOD the most and go there.. Man or No Man.

    Whhoop! Whhhoop! Happy Birthday in Arrears to our Diva. Oh! How It brings me soo much Excitement when i hear of teens living life to the fullest.. I kinda get to remember when i was 15! I was god! asin godddd! I think i had like 4 GSM geh Friends (heheheheh MidNight Call made us Kings of calling) lmao.. good ol Memories :)

    Happy New Year Sunshine.. I llollloooovveee how you always drop the word "Sunshine" in majority of the posts i have read on here.. it always makes me smile from my heart.. Best Wishes to you and yours in the New Year Bubba.. xx Cheers.


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