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Higher Standard... Fair/Unfair

Hiya peeps. I changed my mind about what to post.

So one time during an office argument discussion about hours of sleep in a day, a colleague of mine made a statement that made my head ring, like my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Today, we're talking about men of God and how a lot of us hold them to a higher standard and expect that they not fall ‘cause we think they're superhuman.

So on this day, I can't remember how the conversation started but I know it was about sleep and one of my colleagues who attends one very big church in Ota said his pastor only sleeps for just 2 hours every day. I was like "Wait! What?!*shines eyes* 2 hours? Every day!? That can't be right". If you said "hmm, for about 2 weeks one time, Pastor so and so was only sleeping for 2 hours every day" I'd believe but sleeping for just 2 hours every frigging day? No one can survive like that now. My colleague insisted that that's how long his pastor sleeps for.

When I told him that I didn't believe that, he said I wouldn't understand that it’s called Grace. I understand that grace can make a man do the impossible but isn't the man still human? I mean, he's flesh and blood and although I don't expect him to sleep the standard 8 hours a day, I think 4 hours every day is more believable. I wasn't the only one on my side of the argument, and we tried to explain to him that people who don't get enough rest can go crazy but he was having none of it. He went further to argue that the man has a lot of responsibilities on his hands what with travelling to fulfil ministerial obligations, being the head of a very big church, signing a lot of documents, and on top of that adding the management of a thriving university, there's no time to sleep. He went ahead to say that he's not a regular human being that the pastor in question is a spirit being.

I told him that all Christians who are born of the spirit are spirit beings so if his pastor is not a normal human because he's a man of God and a spirit being then I'm also not a normal human ‘cause I am a daughter of Zion, born of the spirit too. My colleague vexed at this one and said "how dare you compare yourself to *****? He’s a god!" *eye popping moment* He's a what?! Are you frigging kidding me?! Your pastor is a god? Then to buttress his heresy, he quoted Exodus 7:1 "And the Lord said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet."(Bible Gateway) I just shook my head at him. Funny thing is, most of these pastors actually admit that they are human, flesh and blood like the rest of us but their members hold them up to the rest of the world as gods to be worshipped or super humans that are perfect and without flaws.

Personally, I think it’s unfair on the men of God. They are humans just like all of us. They are supposed to set an example for us to follow and lead lives worthy of emulation but holding them to the same standard as God? That's just wrong and unfair. My dad is a man of God and although he is one of the most principled and disciplined people I know, he's also flawed in so many ways but that's why he's human. He's allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, apologise for them and move on. The day my colleague made that statement is the day I understood the amount of pressure these men of God are under. They are not allowed to want the same things we mortals want, they are not allowed to have the same fleshy desires, and God forbid a pastor admits to having lusted after sister so and so at some point or being tempted to dip his hands into the church purse out of desperation at some point.

I for one would like to hear my pastor say that at some point, he was tempted but he didn't fall or that he did fall but he didn't stay down, he came out of the temptation stronger and has not gone back since or has gone back but God is helping him in the fight against that temptation. We as a congregation like to delude ourselves into thinking that our pastors are perfect and devoid of sin or mistakes and temptations but that's not true. Many of them are stronger and can ward off these temptations by the amazing grace of God but many of them still struggle and we should make allowances for that in our expectations of them. Not put them on sky-high pedestals and expect them not to fall.

These are my thoughts; please share yours in the comment section below.

Have a fabulous Thursday and be awesome!



  1. @ "one very big church in Ota" hehehehhe ya on ya own oh! Weldone! Be giving us inspector gadget hints you hia?! **Sits down well on Jangolova chair.. You see yeah Bubba.. I had a respectful discussion with PAPA earlier this morning.. And from somewhere these thoughts came

    "We sin the most when we try to live the holiest"

    Thing is life is life Nne.. And it is teaching this undeserved 24 years 8 days old boy that we are all but flesh and blood with cravings and lust. We are all Humans wanting more.. hoping to be excited and aroused.. hoping to BECOME. But then Nne.. We all have will and choice.. and i think this is what separates the men of GOD from we ordinary men (generic).. as they have the strengthened WILL to not sin as much as we do.. To fall and get back up.. to not have sex nor lust for it (Reverend Fathers) but we do not have such equal will.

    I for one believe that men of GOD are first men before they are called.. So while we respect them.. We should not godiFy them... Weldone Sunshine.. keep shinning like the Lagos 1PM Sun you Hia?!.. cause as always Nne. this post was Insightful and Exciting.. and the crowd goes.. Skibo roBo Skibo.. Skibor RoboR SkiboR OShey! BaDDEest!

    1. 'We sin the most when we try to live the holiest', word!

      I'd also side with you on your argument that no man can have a healthy life while still being deprived of sleep for an extended period of time. The Bible makes it clear that God is no respecter of persons and God values His principles. Sleep, food etc are basics needs for human survival and though one can do without it for a short period of time or a moderate length of time (with God's grace), it'd be incredible for one to do without a measure of it for a lengthy length of time.

      As for the pressure, it only affects one when such person allows it get to him/herself. Successful men of God understand that beyond the miracles, recognition, respect, power, there is God and He values humility, brokeness and many other godly traits.

  2. 'Cos I'm not there with the man of God, 'cos I don't know what relationship he has with the Holyghost, 'cos I don't know if your colleague exaggerated, 'cos the things of the spirit cannot be reasoned out with human mind, 'cos its not my place to discuss a man of God, 'cos it really isn't something to argue about or worth an epistle. He sleeps 2 hours? Ok the Lord is his strength, more grace. You don't think you can sleep 2 hours and not run mad? More grace so you'll close early and get enough sleep. That simple.

  3. I don't know about sleeping 2 hours a day but I've heard of those who don't/can't sleep at all every day. It's a kind of defect especially among those with *special needs*, so personally I'm willing to believe this 2 hours sleep per day gist. As for tagging clergy men "(Demi) gods", that's just to prove to everybody that we have serious problems with our various religious beliefs in this part of the world. A congregation that hears/sees no evil in relation to its spiritual directors. No wonder the lady involved with that COZA pastor some years ago was roundly ridiculed and the pastor roundly exulted or wasn't reprimanded even though it was established that he was the seducer. May GOD help us all, save us from our gullibility.

  4. "We sin the most when we try to live the holiest"
    I have to side with you on this one too. A colleague of mine was telling me something similar on Wednesday. He said "we make the most mistakes when we are trying to please/impress" which is true.

    By strength shall no man prevail. It is simply by the grace of God. The Lord holds each and every one of us to a high standard of holiness and righteousness but we focus more on the pastors. We say things like "am I a pastor?" "am I the one that killed Jesus?" when in truth. We should hold ourselves to the true standard set by God, look up to the author and finisher of our faith and not the Pastors, intercede for them instead of holding them up to "impossible" standards, most importantly, work out our salvation with fear and trembling whilst asking for grace and leaning on the Holy Spirit for help.

    About referring to Bishop Oyedepo as a god, it is not out of place. He probably didn't explain it well or doesn't understand it himself.
    The bible refers to humans as gods in Ps 82 v 6 - 7 "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes." and this simply mean "God has appointed men to positions of authority in which they are considered as gods among the people. They are to remember that, even though they are representing God in this world, they are mortal and must eventually give an account to God for how they used that authority." as someone aptly put it. So no. He didn't blaspheme. It just depends on his understanding of that scripture.


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