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Looking for Bro..?

Hello people, how are you all doing? How has the last one week been? And how's your Monday turning out? Great I hope.. The last one week was half crazy and half good. I started my 7 days leave on Thursday and I had to work on the same Thursday and didn't close until past 8, it is well. But since then, its been fun. I've been sleeping well, eating not so well(laziness) and generally just resting so its been good.

Today I'm going to be writing about something that has been coming up a lot in my conversations lately.

Can a new Buharinomics save Nigeria? – Full text of speech by Charles Soludo

Hiya guys. How did your weekend go? I hope it was more eventful than mine. A colleague sent me the link to today's post the day before yesterday. Its a transcript of a lecture Prof. Charles Soludo gave in Enugu a couple of days ago. I haven't finished reading it but the little I've read has been enlightening to say the least.

Higher Standard... Fair/Unfair

Hiya peeps. I changed my mind about what to post.
So one time during an officeargument discussion about hours of sleep in a day, a colleague of mine made a statement that made my head ring, like my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.
Today, we're talking about men of God and how a lot of us hold them to a higher standard and expect that they not fall ‘cause we think they're superhuman.


Hiya guys,

I have a post written but no time to edit it. Once I do which shouldn't be later that tonight, I will put it up.

Thanks for dropping by.

Loads of Love.

My Response to Adele's Hello

Hello people, how are you doing this fine Friday afternoon. I'm so excited its Friday.. I don't know why, its not like I do anything fantastic on the weekends, just sleep and eat and watch old episodes of Grey's anatomy on my laptop but I love weekends anywaiz. But today's excitement is extra special. I'm not sure its right to be this excited sef but I am. So my department met her target for the year in September so our group head is kinda throwing us a party today at Ntyce Lounge.. its more like a hangout sha but I'm excited. Food, karaoke, drinks, etc... Can't wait*shines teeth*

Sisi Lady

My sister had this principal in secondary school that used to say "ladies must behave in a seemly manner at all times". Although it was a common joke in their school that time, that phrase has stuck with me since then. My mum also taught us something along those lines and as such, I always try to be collected and ladylike everywhere I go. Although its hard trying to be collected when you have to deal with danfo drivers and okada men on a daily (Lord! I need a car) I have successfully managed to keep it together until last week Thursday.

Of Crushing and Crushes

Err... I had a pretty good idea of how I will start this post but its all gone Anywaiz, as you can deduce from the title, I have a crush! Yay!!! BTW, who remembers the drink above? It was my best drink way back when... good times..

Lesson in Consistency: 1st Continuous

Hiya peeps! I know its been over a week but work has been extra crazy and I've been extra lazy intellectually too. That lesson in consistency I told you about in the Blog Awards post, I am currently on a D or even E sef grade wise.