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Yo peeps! I know its not Monday yet but I just couldn't resist. This ministerial list brouhaha is bothering me. I mean, we're in a dispensation of change right? So what are names like Rotimi Amaechi and Lai Mohammed doing on that list? I thought we would be having  a transparent government going forward? I assumed that meant we would have credible leaders, men of integrity, who have great passion for the country and zeal to work.

I've been looking at that list with side eyes since it was released and I just don't know. Upon all the campaign and nonsense, we still have old people in Buhari's cabinet. Are we saying there are no intelligent well accomplished Nigerians in their 30s and 40s?

I know next to nothing about politics and its inner workings but I am deeply dissatisfied with this list, Rotimi Amaechi?! He's as corrupt as they come!

I read somewhere on twitter yesterday that maybe Buhari is using the "let the thief guard the treasury" strategy such that he won't be able to steal and will also not allow other crooks to steal. My own question now is, what if he steals anyway, what if he robs us blind before we even notice, what then happens? Impunity is the one word all Nigerian elected/appointed leaders have in common, what has changed?

Plus, I think Ben Bruce made very good points in those seven tweets he "advised" Buhari with. To male sure your ministers will be committed to their individual ministries, they must be invested in those ministries, the minister of education must have all his/her children going thru the Nigerian education system especially at the tertiary level. The health minister must recieve treatment for any and every ailment here in Nigeria. The finance minister must be one who has no assets outside the shores of this country such that his/her economic wealth/success must depend solely on the health of the Nigerian economy. They will all do their jobs to the best of their abilities this way.

Anywaiz, Buhari should well done.  That's my 2kobo, what do you think?


  1. I think it was(is) a compensation list.. for those who stoop by him during the elections. I just hope they'll be held accountable for everything they do and the fear of buhari would make them seat up to do some actual work.


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