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Letters to God


I'm sure you're wondering why I'm posting so frequently, well, I'm no leave so I've got nothing but time on my hands right now.

I've not been very happy for the past couple of hours, something has been weighing on my mind but I committed it to God last night and went to bed, I have prayed about it today too and hope that my petition is in accordance with God's will.

I woke up yesterday morning and saw a facebook notification so I opened my facebook, going thru my feeds, I found one video from Steve Harvey's show(I love watching those clips especially the "ask Steve" segments, hilarious stuff). Anywaiz, this particular video was about letters that some children wrote to God. If you know anything about Steve Harvey, you'll know that he picked the most hilarious ones. I was able to screen grab a few, so enjoy..

I hope they made you laugh...

Have a fabulous day ahead, God bless you.



  1. heheheheh Okay the Dinosaur one Got me.. :)

    You know yeah Nne.. I had a horrible day all yesterday.. I mean everything got to me.. An Intern that I like was stopping work and didnt get to say Good bye.. #BLUEAfrica has a really HUGE Budget, work, my Education.. TFP, The 'J' and 'N' buttons on my 10 (okay not really lemme not lie, but it irritates me that they are not so effective no more)... I just got too tired.. But before I slept.. I talked to GOD.. Woke up feeling Sad still.. But then had to call a friend to encourage her cause she wasn't feeling great as well. and while at it.. I unconsciously began to feel better. #Eureka!!!

    Whats my point Bubba?! My point is that we are our own motivation.. Our own Strength.. our won inspiration.. Lemme quickly say that GOD gats us all time every time.. He is planning everything for us.. and like Steve Jobs (R.I.P) said.. We cannot connect the dots of life looking forward, we can only connect them looking backwards.. In time Nne.. In time...

    One Day.. One Day- Dad
    Gbo gbo e a da- Mum

    So like my Dad and Mum would say... "One day One day... Gbo gbo e a da.." and when you look back.. Insha Allah Yeah SunShine toh shine ju Sun lo.. It will all make perfect sense.. :) Cheers.

    P.S: Please smile.. Plus.. **Scratches head.. Can i send you a #BLUE email..

  2. There were times when I got sad for no reason, then I would imagine a friend going through somethig similar and then write to the person, most times I end up writing 5pages of words of encouragement, in the end I'm always lifted. I guess its up to us to not feed such feelings, starve it to death by showing lover towards others, reminding ourselves that we are more than a conqueror always and ever through Christ.


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