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Keeping Secrets

Hello Y'all, how have you been? I'v been good or as good as can be expected considering...

Its another Monday morning, I hope you're fired up for the week? Here's a little something for you :)

So today, as the title implies, we will be talking about secrets.

My sister and I have very different personalities, she's very strong willed but surprisingly soft, kinda like an egg, strong exterior, mush inside. I on the other hand am very soft outside and hard inside(no example). Anywaiz, I love to keep things to myself, even though I can be chatty and talkative at times, lots of personal information stays locked up inside but my sis loves to share.

Personally, I'd like to think that my sister and I talk about and tell each other everything. 

But I have come to realise that I don't necessarily tell her everything, not because I want to keep stuff from her but I just feel like some things are not important and other times, because she's so sensitive, I do it to protect her.

Take for instance, I started this blog in May or so, I didn't think it was that much of a big deal so I didn't tell her about it, in fact, I didn't tell anybody about it. All the people who have commented most likely stumbled on the blog from my blogger ID and its cool. Apparently, she found out about it from my very first post and was waiting for me to tell her about She dropped so many hints about secrets the day she found out but I didn't even think about it. She was really really pained when I eventually mentioned it two weeks ago.

We've been back and forth on this issue for quite a while now and we can't seem to agree. I don't see anything wrong with delaying or keeping information especially if I think its irrelevant or that it will hurt the receiver. I don't know if this is right or wrong, that's just my thinking.

Besides siblings tho, I've had conversations with a lot of people and and read on a couple of blogs about the issue of secrets especially as regards couples. You'd be surprised at the number of secrets couples keep from each other. Infact the subject of secrets between couples has been over flogged with more people tilting to the "need to know" side of the discussion i.e., more people think you should tell your spouse only what they need to know arguing that you shouldn't expose the really dark secrets that can harm/change people's perception of you e.g., body count, abortions, negative family history(insanity, etc).

Can same rule apply to close siblings or is there a different code for siblings? I have no idea, do you? Sound off in the comment section below.

Till I come ur way again, stay fabulous!



  1. Personally I'd be pained if I were u sist because like u said, she shares everything with u, I honestly think u shld do so too, even d ones u find 'irrelevant'. As siblings with that special kind of bond, every single thing is relevant, besides opening a blog is such a big deal to keep frm her.
    I have only one younger sist too and when she hears things from my mom instead of from me, she z very heart broken and I understand why she feels like that.

    1. I can kiss you right now!!!! + this is my first comment here! Loool!

    2. Well well... Kabuoy eventually drops a comment(after forming for so

      Chinenyenwa, I think I'll work harder at sharing, it honestly feels like a chore most times especially if I'm ashamed of what I have to share or don't think its relevant. Anywaiz, your advise has been taken under advisement :)

      @Kabuoy, 15 years is a real "something" o

  2. Oh well, I wouldn't know, I don't have siblings. I think it depends on the nature of relationship, like there's nothing I can't tell mum but there are lots of stuff I dare not tell her not necessarily because she may go ballistic but she may not be able to handle some of them. Then sometime times I'm just quiet about stuff because it just don't feel 'gistworthy'......which also depends on mood. Mehn its all just somehow and puzzling. What I think you should do is apologise, you could have told her but you didn't, considering how extrovertial and motherly your sister is/could get, you should just apologise and laugh it out. Kharis

    1. You're more like me. Some things just aren't gist worthy. And trust me, I apologised. She took it real personal, I had

  3. Looool! You are forgiven! Like you said, i'm an open book. And you are my person. Like I tell you any and everything. Even things that no other soul knows. So it kinda hurt when I had to find out you had a blog by using your phone(yep that's how I found out) and you didn't even mention it! Ha! I was like wat?!!! And I kept dropping heavy heavy hints.. hoping you'll boot(pentium 1).. but of course.. you didn't! Loool! I understand sha... but it doesn't stop the hurt anyway. I forgive you tho!!! You know I love you more than all those roborebe tinz such as you hiding your blog.

    Just remember that when it comes to you, nothing is inconsequential, nothing is unimportant. Because you are my person and I want to be yours too(sappy much) loool.
    And remember that i'm your personal cheerleader! And you inspire me a lot. Because at first ehn... I started making excuses for you. Maybe, Just maybe you were shy(but what kind of "shyness" is that jare!) Lool. And don't even give me that "there are some things I just don't think should be shared" yinmu toh badt!

    1. Lool... Yes ma'am.

      I love you too boo.


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