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Hopeless Situations

Hiya peeps, how're you doing? So finding stuff to write about is not a small something, but I'm staying positive :)

So last week, I got some not so good news about someone I know and I was really sad about it. I committed it to God but I was still angry at him for even letting it happen at all. On Friday evening I was going thru the videos on my phone and I found this one by Jon Jorgenson, the video answered the questions I had for God in my mind. I thought I would be nice to share it here. See the video below, The Wall: A Hopeless Situation.

For people like me who won't can't watch the video on their phone 'cause of, see the words below;

The wall at Jericho was an impenetrable force to any army that was trying to overtake the city. Before even dealing with the wall, the attacking troops will have to navigate their way across a 27 foot wide, 9 feet deep pit that lined the outer edges of the city, then there was the wall itself: 17 foot high, 5 foot thick, pure mass of solid stone.
If the attacking men managed to get this far without being shot down by archers, all that was left was to defeat the well-trained Canaanite army waiting within. This was the reality for a young leader named Joshua and his ragtag Israelite army. These Israelites who had seen an entire generation live and die while wandering through the desert were tired, hungry and facing what seemed like an impossible task, a hopeless situation.

Now I haven’t lived very long but I have lived long enough to know this: running into walls is a part of life and the bigger the wall, the more hopeless the situation can seem. The large walls of sickness, loss, divorce, addiction, they pop up all around us and they seem impenetrable and just like the wall at Jericho, these walls rarely stand alone. The walls of our lives are often accompanied by a deep pit of pain, suffering, and despair and all the while, an army of hopelessness attacks us on every side.

The question is asked all the time, “If God loves us so much and is so powerful, then how could He allow these walls to pop up around me?” I don’t pretend to have the answer to any of these questions, nor do I pretend to understand just how deep or dark your suffering has been. I simply want to suggest that maybe, God does His best work from seemingly hopeless situations.

When I read the bible, I read about people and characters, all who faced seemingly hopeless situations. In fact, I cannot find a single person who walked faithfully with God without first facing a hopeless situation. Adam and Eve ruined paradise by inviting sin and death to a perfect world, a hopeless case. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers for his pride and was put in prison, a hopeless case. Moses was cornered on the banks of the Red Sea with the most powerful army in the world breathing down his neck, a hopeless case. Gideon was 300 against 300,000. David stood across a valley from a blood thirsty giant. Esther was a woman trying to gain a word with a prideful king. Daniel’s roommate was a lion. His friends were thrown in an oven. Jonah sucked at his job and got stuck in a whale. Peter was a coward. Paul was imprisoned. The 5000 had no food. Lazarus was dead. Timothy was too young. Abraham was too old. The youngest son was too stupid. The walls of Jericho were too strong and Jesus was humiliated, hang on a cross and buried in a tomb, burying all hopes of the revolution that was hoped for, for thousands and thousands of years. Now, everybody was ready to close the book on these stories. The end. Game over.
But if there is one thing we learn from the scriptures is that, we can never place a period where God has placed a comma because when all other options have been worn out, when circumstances couldn’t get worse, when everything else has failed, get ready, because that is exactly where God shows up. Because Joseph became second-in-command; the Red Sea parted; Gideon won without lifting a weapon, Goliath’s head was on a plate; Esther spoke and the king listened; Daniel tamed the lion; the oven felt like room temperature; Nineveh repented; Peter became the rock; Paul rejoiced; 12 basket fulls were left over; Lazarus was just kidding; Timothy built a church; Abraham built a family; the youngest son came home to a party; the walls of Jericho came a-tumbling down and Jesus Christ rose up in the resurrection to fleeing sin and death and the creation that had been marked so many years ago was now restored for all time.
With God what seems like a hopeless situation is not only possible; it’s favourable because only God can turn a mess into a message. Only God can turn a trial into a triumph, a test into a testimony and a victim into a victory. His power is made perfect in weakness so let us rejoice in our trials and hold unswervingly to the hope we profess because He who promised is faithful, was faithful and will always be faithful no matter how hopeless the situation.
 [Original words by The Anima Series, transcribed by Christlikeminds]
Check The Anima Series for more videos.
God is faithful, he always has been, and he always will be, remember that.
So till I come your way again, remain positive and fabulous.



  1. I have this video, quite inspiring. Somethings things get so messy the very words that used to comfort would seem of no effect. Times like that this video comes in handy. It reminds of what my pastor said sometimes back. "Surround yourself with the word, text, videos, audios, pictures you'll never know which one would lift your day". Kharis

    1. Your pastor is so on point! That night, I had called someone to talk to, yet my heart was still heavy, I was crying and even tho i tried to put up a brave front, I was still very afraid that things might go south. I don't know what made me watch that video cos I'd had it for quite a while now and it just cleared all my doubts. I'm not saying the fears disappeared but I just had this calm in my spirit that God knows what he's doing so I let it go.

      Thanks for stopping by Kharis.


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