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Hiya peeps, how are you doing today? How was last week's independence celebration? Hope you had fun and prayed for our dear Nigeria?

I just realised at 11pm that I have a post due today and I have nothing to put up. Every thing I have thought to write about are either not solid enough or not finished so... Anywiaz...

I was at Terra Kulture on Sunday with my mum and sis to see a play, the title is Shattered. It was my second time seeing a play at TK and it was just as awesome as the first time.

The play was centered around rape and its aftermath, the play tried to shed light on what the victims go thru after the incident and how they process it, the psychological trauma the victims have to live thru and sharing their stories with others. It also shed some light on parenting in Nigeria especially as regards rape and how parents react to or process the information.

It was a very good story with a great cast and superb acting. After the play, the producer introduced the cast and then we all had a chat/Q&A session about the play, rape as a crime/habit, parenting and dealing with it.

The sheer number of people who have been sexually assaulted at one point or the other in their lives will astound you! First, almost all the ladies in the cast had been assaulted sexually in the past. If you put 10 women in a room, at least 8 of the ten have been sexually assaulted at some point, that statistic shook me. Rape is so common place and has been around probably longer than HIV but it is still not taken seriously. Only recently did it become a serious crime in Nigeria and even at that, people still don't get punished.

Young women are shamed, blamed and stigmatised for getting raped, rapists are protected and allowed to strut about the streets because the victim's family is ashamed and don't want their child to be victimised/stigmatised or associated with such a shameful act and so they cover it up. Meanwhile, an even more disturbing fact is that 75% of victims do not tell anyone about their ordeal because they are also ashamed so even if anyone could help, they wouldn't be able to. They keep it to themselves, guilting themselves, living in fear and pain until they die.

Its really painful when you think about it. During the chat, the producer said something, she said, rape is not a habit, its a crime. She apparently(and rightly so) has a problem with the #SayNoToRape campaign. According to her, rape is not a habit or addiction that you say no to like drugs or smoking, rape is an actual crime like stealing or murder. You don't #SayNoToMurder or #SayNoToStealing, you #StopMurder or #StopStealing or #StopEmbezzlement and that's where the war should start from.

When we begin to see rape as a capital offense, a prosecute(able) offence and not a bad habit or a temporary lapse in judgement as a result of the infamous "konji" then we will begin to make progress on the war against rape.

Then, one very cute guy(wink wink) stood up and said, instead of focusing on the victims, we should also find a way to rehabilitate the rapists too. I wanted to slap the words out of his mouth in that instant. Why rehabilitate the guy when you can send him to prison for 17 years? Don't get me wrong, the idea is a good one, healthy even, it takes the larger picture into consideration but all the same, at that point, helping the rapist is farthest from your mind.

My question is, do you agree with the producer's opinion of the #SayNoToRape campaign? Secondly, what do you think about rehabilitating rapists? Also, besides that rape centre I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, do you think  we have others like them in Lagos or Nigeria? If yes, can you name them?


Shattered will be showing at Terra Kulture every Sunday this month at 3pm and 6pm. Please make out time to see it if you can. Terra kulture is on Tiamiyu Savage in Victoria Island just before Multichoice office around bar beach side.

Till I come your way again, remain fabulous.



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