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Hiya peeps, how're y'all doing this fine afternoon. So I'm very excited today. One of my favourite blogs has produced their very first stage play and its going to show this weekend at Terra Kulture. See ehn, those guys atTNCare the craziest, dopest, and most of all "intelligentest" peeps ever! And I have no doubt that this play is going to be dope! Anywaiz, see gist from the Toolsman below...

Blog Award From Thelma Thinks: Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers

Hiya peeps, How're y'all doing this fine Monday evening? How did last week go? Did you accomplish all you set out to do? My week was very stressful last week, I'm relieving a colleague of mine who's on leave and mehn... its been a lesson in patience and tolerance. My phone rings non stop all day everyday, its crazy. But besides that and the fact that I lost my 91 year old grandpa today, I'm very well.

Keeping Secrets

Hello Y'all, how have you been? I'v been good or as good as can be expected considering...

Its another Monday morning, I hope you're fired up for the week? Here's a little something for you :)

So today, as the title implies, we will be talking about secrets.

Hopeless Situations

Hiya peeps, how're you doing? So finding stuff to write about is not a small something, but I'm staying positive :)

So last week, I got some not so good news about someone I know and I was really sad about it. I committed it to God but I was still angry at him for even letting it happen at all. On Friday evening I was going thru the videos on my phone and I found this one by Jon Jorgenson, the video answered the questions I had for God in my mind. I thought I would be nice to share it here. See the video below, The Wall: A Hopeless Situation.

Letters to God


I'm sure you're wondering why I'm posting so frequently, well, I'm no leave so I've got nothing but time on my hands right now.

I've not been very happy for the past couple of hours, something has been weighing on my mind but I committed it to God last night and went to bed, I have prayed about it today too and hope that my petition is in accordance with God's will.

I woke up yesterday morning and saw a facebook notification so I opened my facebook, going thru my feeds, I found one video from Steve Harvey's show(I love watching those clips especially the "ask Steve" segments, hilarious stuff). Anywaiz, this particular video was about letters that some children wrote to God. If you know anything about Steve Harvey, you'll know that he picked the most hilarious ones. I was able to screen grab a few, so enjoy..


Yo peeps! I know its not Monday yet but I just couldn't resist. This ministerial list brouhaha is bothering me. I mean, we're in a dispensation of change right? So what are names like Rotimi Amaechi and Lai Mohammed doing on that list? I thought we would be having  a transparent government going forward? I assumed that meant we would have credible leaders, men of integrity, who have great passion for the country and zeal to work.

I've been looking at that list with side eyes since it was released and I just don't know. Upon all the campaign and nonsense, we still have old people in Buhari's cabinet. Are we saying there are no intelligent well accomplished Nigerians in their 30s and 40s?


Hiya peeps, how are you doing today? How was last week's independence celebration? Hope you had fun and prayed for our dear Nigeria?

I just realised at 11pm that I have a post due today and I have nothing to put up. Every thing I have thought to write about are either not solid enough or not finished so... Anywiaz...

I was at Terra Kulture on Sunday with my mum and sis to see a play, the title is Shattered. It was my second time seeing a play at TK and it was just as awesome as the first time.

The play was centered around rape and its aftermath, the play tried to shed light on what the victims go thru after the incident and how they process it, the psychological trauma the victims have to live thru and sharing their stories with others. It also shed some light on parenting in Nigeria especially as regards rape and how parents react to or process the information.