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Oliver Twist

Yo! Peeps. How're y'all doing this fine day? Excellent I hope?

Today we're talking Oliver Twist...(I never did read that book to the end. I'm not even sure I know the story sef*covers face*). Anywaiz, on my way to work this morning, a thought occured to me, when did I become this person that started going to "office" very early in the morning like mummy? When did the most important prayer point in my life change from making sure I don't come 7th again in my pry5 class or passing common entrance to getting a promotion at work. When did I go from being the girl that collected monthly allowance from mum and dad to being the daughter that will never call to tell you she's broke, when did I grow up. Where did my childhood go?

On somedays, I miss my childhood so bad, I want to beat myself when I remember how eager I was to grow up. (I keep telling my baby sis to not be in a hurry to grow up cos growing up is a scam! Yes, a scam!) On other days, I know its just the way of life so I smile at my childish antics and reminice on the days when I went from my house to the bustop on daddy's shoulder and the days when I wouldn't eat anything the whole day cos I used my food money to buy mentos in the or how nervous I was the day I wrote my entrance exam to BMJS....good days.

What brought this on...?

I was saying a prayer in my mind for the umpteenth time this morning and I just thought to myself, our prayer requests never finish, do they? There's always a bigger.....something ahead. Today you're praying to graduate SS2 without a resit, the next you're praying to pass WAEC in your FG school so you don't have to go and rewrite it in one "abe'le" secondary school somewhere. One day you're promising God you'll truly truly stop watching Indian films if he'll just let you scale thru 100 level the next you're asking God to single you out for favour among the over 100 applicants that appiled for the same Job you're applying for. One day you're very sure you're going to be single forever, the next you're asking God why you haven't gotten pregnant after 3 months of constant coitus with your husband and wondering if you're barren.

The funny thing is when we're making these requests it seems like that's the only thing that matters and once God does it, that's the end, we can now start living our lives as we ought but this is not the case 90% of the time. Although we actually believe it at first, God surely knows its not our last demand cos there will always always be something better or bigger ahead that we will aspire to be/have/own.

I'm certainly looking forward to the day that I have no request for God, just thanksgiving for all He has done.

I'm sorry this post is a couple of days late, I'm just going to blame it on the holidays, they made me lazy.

How was your holiday? Hope you were able to catch some much needed sleep like me?

Its another Monday and the last week in September. I hope you have a very productive Monday and a more productive October. Have a fabulous week.



  1. So being really bored these last few days I decided to snoop on some BVs' profiles on my favorite blog and found Sunshine's blog. Yaayyy!! *Bookmarked with immediate alacrity*.

    "...I'm certainly looking forward to the day that I have no request for God, just thanksgiving for all He has done...". My dear, that day WILL NEVER reach mbok. Oliver twist till we die. Lol.

    More grease to your elbows dear. You write extremely well.

    1. O_o Memphis? *dancing*

      Lol@ Oliver Twist till we die. Its probably true tho. But I can hope anywaiz. Thanks for dropping a comment and the compliment*shines teeth*


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