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Assumptions, assumptions..

Yo! Peeps. How has September been so far? Fabulous I hope? Anywaiz, lets delve right into it. Today, I'm going to write about ladies and assumptions or hurried 

So I hear guys always complaining about girls and how once they talk to them or go on a date the ladies start "planning out the wedding" *in Poe's voice*. Also, I hear guys complaining that most girls they chat up or try to have a conversation with always always form as if they are trying to ask them(the ladies) out and I've read on twitter one too many times that "Ladies, not every guy who talks to you wants to ask you out". Well, I'm happy to announce to you that I am one of those ladies described

For whatever reason, any guy who manages to chat me up on the road or anywhere, if I don't like your face, or cologne, or voice, or diction, you're so getting the cold shoulder cos in my head, I can't deal with guys with bad breath, a voice I can't listen to all day, everyday and bad diction so if I don't foresee a relationship with you on the spot, you get the cold shoulder from the very beginning(I know, I know, that's vain and blah blah blah but that's how it works with me).

What's the point of this post?

Well first, I'd like to get a guy's opinion on this. I mean, why would you walk up to a random chick and start up a conversation? I'm not talking about your colleague in the office or childhood friend, I mean a random chick and say hello. I really really want to know.

Second, how can I change this mindset? Personally, I don't know how to be friends with guys. So besides my colleagues and church buddies(very few) I don't have male friends and I'm gun shy around guys I don't know. I'm the most confident person I know, if you see me at work or during an office argument discussion, I will go toe to toe with the guys and match them pitch for pitch, point for but put me and a random guy together and I'll suddenly become the quietest, shiest person you know(I don't even get that part). And I can't look a guy in eye. So you see I have a lot of issues... lol

Anywaiz, that's it. Guys, convince me, beyond reasonable doubt that y'all don't mean to ask every girl you chat up out, talk less of sleeping with her. Also, how do I stop thinking that all guys want to ask me out(which is crazy btw) and over come my

It took me a week and two days to get that  typed up(procrastination is a bad sometin) but I did get it typed up...proud of me*shines teeth*


So I was on twitter for like 2 seconds yesterday and I read about the #SaveMirabel campaign. Its one of(if not the only) rape center(s) in Lagos and their funding from the UK's Department for International Development(DFID) is about to come to end. They've been open for two years and have seen over 800 rape victims in that time. What they do is counsel them, give them pregnancy and HIV tests, test them for other STDs, help get the perpetrators arrested and/or prosecuted(depends on the family/victim's choice). Also, for those who need surgery, they also get such done. All these services are free for the victims.

The thing is, they have been effective in this regard but they're about to close shop cos there's no money to keep funding the project. You can read more here.

Please visit to donate to the cause to keep the center open. Thank you.


That's it from me today guys. Till I come your way again, remain fabulous.


PS: I hope to put up at least one post a week going forward so help me God. Pray for me


  1. *Grasp* Sunshine has a blog!!!! Lol, you can't understand how excited I am right now. You don't know me but I know you from the dope comments you leave on T's blog.

    This matter you wrote about is quite interesting. I'm not a guy and I've never found out what goes on in their mind when they chat up random girls. Sometimes sha I observe someone (male/female) from a distance and I just have an urge to get to know them better, because they seem interesting or like they could teach me a thing or two or something. Maybe it's the same thing with some guys. I honestly don't know. *shrugs*
    The male colleagues and church buddies you have, how did you'al become tight? Did you initially give them the cold shoulder too? Maybe you could apply the method that worked with those guys to the 'random brother' trying to holler, if you feel you could be friends with them. Of course wisdom is key. Lol.

    Have a brilliant week! I just said a prayer for you, looking forward to the next post in a week's time (or less).

  2. I really should visit this space more often in between Thanks for the compliment TGM.

    "Sometimes sha I observe someone (male/female) from a distance and I just have an urge to get to know them better, because they seem interesting or like they could teach me a thing or two or something. " This happens to me too sometimes so it makes sense that some guys would think that.

    As for my church and work buddies, seeing as I'm not very comfortable around guys, they made the first move by either asking a question or making a random "sensible" comment around me and I replied. Thing is, once I get over that initial awkward stage, my tongue is loosed and I can flow freely...except I have a major crush on

    Thanks so much for stoping by. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. When a guy approaches a girl it's often because he's attracted to her, BUT he can't know just yet exactly what he wants from that encounter. After meeting her he might decide he wants to be just friends with her, he might decide he just wants a fling, he might decide he just wants a one night stand, he might decide he wants a serious relationship, or he might even decide instantly; this is my wife! But these decisions are made AFTER he has walked up to her to chat her up. So it's really unsafe to assume that just because he walked up to you he wants a relationship with you.

    Meanwhile when were you planning to tell me about your blog; this year or next year? Sometime or never? LOL. I haff caught you!!!

    1. Hollup Hollup people! Thelma's in the building!!!!*bells ringing*

      Thank's for stopping by and dropping a comment.


  4. Sunshine sunshine,you are definitely not alone in this,felt like I wrote this!

  5. Lol... Nana Ama, its good to know I'm not the only "crazy" lady..

    Thanks for stopping by.


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