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Hello y'all. How are you doing? So this week went by in a blur, I posted one day and the next day, another post is due! I'm like, where did the week go?

I was ill for the first part of this week, I had to take the day off yesterday, I slept the whole day with the aid of 2 piritin tablets in the morning and another 2 in the afternoon. I woke up this morning fresh and ready to work :). There's nothing like good health mehn! All the body pains, loss of appetite, funny taste in the mouth, dizziness, etc. We take good health for granted until we actually break down. Thank God for good health.

So, to today's post...

I'm going to write about myself and probably put up a pic*shines teeth*. I don't know, I just feel like it so, here goes...

  1. My first name is Ibukunoluwa, it means God's blessing
  2. I always introduce myself as Ibukunoluwa not Ibk or Ibukun or any other variant of the name. I think its a travesty to have a beautiful name and then shorten it to a meaningless sometin like "Ibk"(learnt that from my dad) If you call me Ibk tho, I'll answer. That's what everyone used to call me in school so...
  3. I do not know my height or weight but I'm a size 10(just in case you want to get me a
  4. I love listening to music but I can't
  5. I love food, whether I'm eating it, reading about it, watching it being prepared on TV, etc, I just love food, good food.
  6. Reading is my favourite pastime. I will read anything as far as I don't have to write an exam on I hate reading for exams.
  7. If you look for me on any given day, there are only 3 places I can be 95% of the time, at work, on my bed or in church. If you don't find me in any if these places, you should call the police...
  8. I don't wear jewellery or makeup...
  9. I would like to be comfortably wealthy on my own in life and not be a liability to my spouse.
  10. I love like fine boys! I can't help it, I just love them.
  11. I am attracted to intelligence. I cannot fall for you if I don't think you're intelligent, it just cannot happen.
  12. I have at some point in my life seriously considered being a The guy was handsome, intelligent, caring and sensitive...(smh 4 me)
  13. My mum and sis are my besties
  14. I'm very spontaneous. I can be sitting down and just think "today is Thursday, why not see a movie?" Bear in mind that its already past 5 o, nothing will stop me from going to galleria that day(except money of course)
  15. I have a love-hate relationship with Lagos. On most days I hate it with a passion but I don't want to live anywhere outside Lagos(excluding Abuja of course)
  16. Cake is my favourite thing to eat followed closely by any three flavours of cold stone ice cream
  17. I talk real fast... Type writer
  18. I absolutely hate chatting on any platform. I love to talk tho so I will call DFH a million times a day.
  19. I am single. In fact, over single dey worry me
  20. TTB is my favourite blog of all time. Thelma is the bestest. If you haven't read TTB, here's your LASTma uniform..
  21. I have 2 beautiful sisters and no brother... this one still pains my dad as no one cares about football or which club is playing etc. We used to drive him nuts then when he'll come home truly expecting us(the girls) to be watching the match when Paloma & Diego is showing on AIT...yimu. He banned those mexican soaps in our house last last on top this football
  22. I'm not as close to God as I want to be but he's my life. He defines who I am.
  23. I will be 25 in a couple of months.... I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that birthday...
  24. I love my job. I absolutely hate the hours but I love my job..
  25. Three things you will most definitely find in my bag are my wallet, my phone and my lip balm/gloss
  26. I am tired of typing. You have known

If you have read this far, I congratulate you and thank you for reading all the "serenren" above.


Here is a picture of moi as hinted above... I sha try


Have a fabulous night, see you next week.



  1. hehehehheheheheheh @ Number 25.. And see me reading with full intent.. Diarisgodooo.. Wait eh! Sheybe you shaa know that we your fans are not comena gonna accepting this post Nne.. You promised us PicSHur nah.. Where is it Ms Sunshine?! heheheheh You do know ya a very funny someboRRy fa.. What! ya 24?! Oh wow!! no wonder ya so easy to relate with, I was a tad confused about your age.. as somedays you would sound super Matured :(.. and other times.. You would sound like my Twin that I nefer had :)..... And you were now sounding mature dia like you were 27.. Wo take ya time oh! :)

    Mmmeeehhnnn. This was so much fun to read.. used to be an ardent reader of TTT now TTB. but life happened..

    **Covers face.. I actually came to tell you I nominated you for the Ms Versatile award on the Young and Confused Blog.. But having that yaF kuku pretty much done the challenge by virtue of this post Nne.. Then the below is only for your kind information...

    Wait! Holl uP! just Holl uP!! ya single. **Singing.. This is the day that the lord has made.. **In Korede Bello's voice.. Oya Bere verse.. **This is that day of Joyyyy.. hehehehe :) Cheers Nne.. and do have a ghen ghen weekend ahead :) We still want picSHur or IG handle shhaaaa.

  2. Lmao! And Duru is back. Congratulations again on the success of #BLUEAfrica. for the picture, No vex, Liver no gree me and I was feeling so sleepy last night. I will edit the post tho so stay tuned*winks*

    For my age, I'm not that young joor! But thanks for telling me I sound mature, shyness don dey grip

    And please come back to TTB, I wee personally throw you a welcome back parri....on the blogosphere*shines teeth*

  3. Are you a deeper life or Lord's chosen member?
    I love the first photo.
    Are you a November born? I too will be 25 in a couple of months, November to be precise.
    You are still young o, seeing your matured comments on TTB, I thought you'll be 28 or 30.
    Why not advertise your blog on TTB, you'll surely get more readers, seeing that you and your sister are loved by everyone there....winks.

    Pardon me, I know I didn't make much sense with this comment.

    1. My sister's "kind of" namesake(lol..), I'm none of the above o, not Deeper and most definitely not Chosen. And my birthday is not in November :)

      About the mature comments, you're like the 2nd person saying that to me, that's minus oga Duru above o. I don't even know if that's a compliment but I'll take
      As for advertising my blog, I don't know, I guess I'm afraid of letting people into this space. All those crazy anonymous people leaving caustic comments on TTB scare me fa!

      Thank you for stopping by and even leaving a comment. Have a fantastic day.

  4. Eya! Am happy 4u sunshine, am like, wait, is this not kabuoy's sist?? Hahah! The scared blogger!
    Anyways confesion time, I actually bear sunshine now afta I saw it on TTB ooo. Av always loved to be called 'sunshine' after I listened to Timi's 'iyawo mi' but I was like abeg o, I don't wana sound alarming, buh then I saw that sm1 actually bears it and I bought d change of name form
    Hoping to enjoy ur blog.


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