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My Foray into Food Blogging...

Yo! Guys, how’re y’all doing? I know it’s been a while and I keep apologising but, I can’t help it, I’m sorry for taking off on you guys like that. How have you been? I hope life is treating you well? And you've been doing fabulously?

Today, I’m going to write about food. My sister has been on my case to write this piece for like a week, if not more but time is so expensive these days... Anywaiz, let’s do this!
Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about the dynamics of food blogging so please pardon all my mistakes. Gracias.

Personally, I love food. I don’t cook very often but I love, love, love good food. I’m very adventurous with food and will eat anything as far as the people who are eating it around me are
So, Last week Sunday, I had the “opportunity” of visiting an Italian restaurant somewhere in VI,on Kofo Abayomi. The place is pretty secluded and if you don't know where you're going, you might miss it completely(like me). I drove past it twice! before i found it.
I’m not sure I should mention the name of the place so I’ll just move on. The first thing you'll notice is the beautiful garden just inside the gate. So if you like the outdoors, you can just chill in the garden. The ambience of the restaurant was real nice and relaxing. Warm colours et al. One thing I noticed was the walls; you can visit that restaurant four times, sit in different spots and feel like you’re in a different restaurant each time. Different sections of the restaurant have different colours and decor on the walls. The floor boards were clean and lighting was... they had these beautiful light fixtures that looked like...the word escapes me now but its that stuff that has lots of metals hanging together such that when the wind blows and they tinkle against each other, the make this beautiful sound...(chimes?) anywaiz, that's what the light fixture above our table looked like, simple yet exquisite.

The service:

Seeing as I’ve never been to a very fancy restaurant before this one, I wouldn’t know what a five star service looks/feels like but the waiters were polite and efficient. They knew not to hold the glasses at the rim, not to touch or push the guest(s) while placing the plates, etc. So I guess the service was ok. I remember that after our main course, it took a while for dessert to come and because we had been gisting a lot, we didn't notice on time. When we eventually did, the waiter said it was cos we were talking so they didn't want to disturb the discussion. I think that was thoughtful.

The Food:

Well, it was a three course meal, the appetizer was Mozarella sticks, prawns, chicken nugget(I think) and some sauce. The plating was interesting and the food was ok. The praws were delicious but I wasn't very fond of the Mozarella(maybe I'm just a bush I think it was too chewy for a something thats supposed to be deep fried cheese. The dish was nice tho.

Next was the entré, I had chicken curry and steamed rice(Nigerians and with vegetables. The chicken curry was nice(I think it tasted a lil bland tho) and the rice was just right. The vegetables consisted 4 very thin slices of carrots and a few stalks of green pepper. I should have had the Alfredo and garlic bread but I got discouraged when i heard it was basically pasta! Pasta ke? But it looked so delicious! Imagine your average spaggetti with lots and lots of cheese...yum! Moving on...

Then there was dessert.. I had the french crêpe with ice cream, it was the mother of all disappointments. The best word to describe it is bleh! It looked like conqeror paper soaked in oil and then folded together, looked bland and would have tasted bland but for the bananas in it, for something I was really looking forward to, it was a damp end to a lovely evening.

Anywiaz, that's the summary of my dinner "date". All in all, they did really well. I don't know about the pricing cos I didn't pay for the meal myself and the online reviews I read weren't helpful either cos some thought it was a bit pricey, others thought it was ok. I guess it depends on what you order.

I hope you enjoyed reading this? Please tell me what you think about the post in the comment section. Constructive crticism is very welcome. Any tips you have about food blogging will be appreciated. You can also tell me about your experience(s) at other restaurants.

Till I come your way again, remain fabulous!



  1. You meant Chandeliers?! @Lighting.. Omo Mmehhnn eezz not a joking Sturvz oh! Italian kwa?! Oh mehhhnn! ya a boss someboRRy like that biko.. **Drops on knees and scabahes in Silence.. Dear heaven.. Biko gbemi lo si level of Italian oh! :) Pelu mo wa very grateful fun Breadi ati Akara tin mon je nisi.. But Ejo.. Emi no fe je Italian :)

    Now i Totally love the fact that you had fun Bubba.. I mean thats the koko of life nah! Living it and Loving it! But with all this mede-mede that you described above.. If the bill doesnt reach 7k ehnn then i will be shocked like someboRRy that urinated on Transfomer.

    Mmehhnn I would have given you advice oh about my cooking skills! **clears throat cause as you know aYam an expert in Kitchen affairs nah **Winks.. Permit me to blow my Trumpet a bit... My best Delicacies are Boiling water.. Frying red Oil till the house turns smoky.. boiling Egg till the egg shell cracks and oh! How can i forget... making Dangote Noodles with lotsa pepper.. Ehen as i was saying.. I would have adviced you eh! but I am not in the mood to divulge my cooking secrets.. **tongue out.. Cheers Sunshine.. and my am I glad that ya back.. and the crowd goes... Whopp ! Whoop!!

  2. Lmao!!!!

    Duru! You're just a crazy someborri.. and your cooking skills are out of this world!(hahahahaha) but its all good.

    *joins Duru on scabashing* Lord, me sef want to be eating Itallian like every other week and also at all the orisirisi fine fine restaurant in dis Lagos too. (Just to be specific Sir, four point, intercontinental, that nice little place on Oko Awo, that chinese place on Odeku, Eko hotel, sheraton ati be be lo) Amen!

    Loads of love Duru. Thanks for always stopping by. *hugs*

    1. heheheheheh isnt it strange Sunshine. How life is so big but yet so small... and how that nice little place on Oko Awo.. i.e Abibiz is just opposite my office building.. Sadly Abibiz closed down like 4 months ago or something #Renovation.. Thanks for the reply Nne.. You Rock aswear...


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