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My Trip to the South East

Yo! Peeps, how're y'all doing? How's work, life, school, etc.. treating you? Life has been ok for me. I travelled to Imo state over the weekend for a burial. I have never gone past Anambra state before so it was my first time in that part of Nigeria. The journey was smooth, benin-ore road is really good now, not the nightmare it used to be.

On our way to the place tho, it rained a lot so we had to be careful and not speed too much. I saw two fresh accidents on the road, one at Ore and another in Delta state just after Agbor. The two accidents happened as we were approaching the scenes, it was terrible to see. The one at Ore was an Iyare motors vehicle, the guy ran into a stationary trailer, the driver died on the spot as the tail of the trailer hit his chest on impact. All the people who sat in front were also seriously injured. I had never seen such a thing in my entire life! I was so scared! The one at Agbor, the roads were wet and I don't even know how it happened, the bus was suddenly up side down and people were trying to crawl out thru the windows. It was horrible! I pray God heals all those who were hurt in the two accidents and give them speedy recovery.

Before last weekend, I had never ever attended a burial in my entire 20something plus years and so, it was a novel experience for me.
*side note* I have absolutely no Idea what all fuss about Rochas Okorocha is. Owerri town is hell to navigate! And the inside roads are just terrible(for lack of a better word). If you don't have a jeep, you cant pass those roads. Some of them had pot holes the size of a pond!

I think the name of the place we went is Mbaeri which is under normal circumstances a 5 or 10 minute drive from Owerri town. The first night, we spent 30minutes in standstil traffic first then we decided to pass the side streets...mehn! That guy should be jailed for fooling the masses! We eventually spent 1 hour on a 10minute journey. SMH...

Owerri town was intersting(when u take out the hellish traffic). One business that thrives in that town is the hospitality business. You will find at least 3 or 4 hotels on every major road. They will build beside and opposite each other and they are not running at a loss. I don't even get how they do it. The promiscuity level in that town must be on another level for the sector to thrive so well. Apparently, there are 5 tertiary institutions in the town so there's an over abundance of babes. One of the men I travelled with had a different companion in his room every night till we left on Sunday. I remember someone asking if he knew the babes BTW, he's a married man...SMH

In all now, I have been to Ilorin(school), Asaba(Nysc), Benin(liesure/work), Anambra(plenty reasons), Ondo, Ekiti & Akure(drove thru), Ibadan(family), Osun(sight seeing), Abuja(work)... i think that's all. I hope to do more sight seeing in the coming years :)

So, any news to share? Places you've been, care to demystify any "saintly" government official, anything at

I know this post was all over the place and to be honest, this is not what I wanted to write I'm actually laughing at myself cos I am so waaaaay off course its hilarious! Anywaiz, that will be in another post. I promise not to get carried away next

Anywaiz, till I come your way again, remain fabulous!



  1. Seems like an interesting trip you've had. Happy new month!

  2. Thank's Blogoratti. Happy new month to you too.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. So first off... I hate Owerri for every reason there is to Hate a town! And Trsust me.. Rochas has mastered the Tricks of Social Media Deception.. He can lie for States shhhaaaa... Plus He puts up prototype picSHurs and Videos and always has that that crappy "Imo Rescue Mission" jibberish in Yellow below... The Town just doesnt toick me From 100- 500Level... And yep! Hotel is Big business there.. if you made a trip to World Bank from around 9PM ish, you would have seen so many "female escorts" and you would think a crusade was going on! Trust me! Its like Sodom and Gommorah at night there.. Well after Rivers state (Portharcourt) sha.. I was at Rivers Last week and what my eyes saw ehhnn Bubba.. leRRus just say that my Flabber was gasted **in Lohla Windfall's voice...

    This was a fun post to read.. @Drive through heheheheheh No oh! That one is not allowed.. You havent visited Ekiti and Akure on that account oh..

    Truthfully yeah Sunshine toh Shine ju Sun lo.. Travelling by Land.. Or Air is just a scary case in Nigeria.. may GOD keep us safe... Its all shades of scary.. But I guess We have to keep hustling.. Till Technology makes the "Rainter Ghost" Myth possible i guess.. *Winks.. and the crowd goes.. Oooosssshhheeey Turn uP!



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