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Mini Mini Rant

Yo! peeps. How're y'all doing this evening? I'm doing very well, work has been crazy lately but all in all, its been good. Today is the last working day of the week and I'm uber excited about the coming holiday. I've been looking forward to it since the beginning of July even though I'm not a I'll get to spend time with my family outside this crazy Lagos and do a lot of driving - since I started driving last year, it has become my favourite thing to do(wired right?) Its not because I'm such a good driver, in fact, its very far from it...lool. I love the looks I get from people when they see a "small girl" at the wheel, one guy almost drove his car into that triangular stuff at Opebi roundabout one I'm also looking forward to all the ijekuje I will eat to add to my present weight gain "campaign".

Anywaiz, I'm not sure where the direction of today's post is going but I'll just wing it and see how it flows. So, I saw the movie Spy on Sunday.

 It had Melissa McCarthy,

 the delectable Jude Law*wink wink* 

and Jason Statham in it.

The movie is amazeballs and I had a good laugh watching it. This isn't about the movie tho, its about clueless guys. Yes, clueless guys. So in the movie, a girl had a massive crush on this guy and she used to do everything for him from the incredibly important to the stupidly mundane and this ignoramus had no inkling whatsoever. He just carried on treating her like a baby sister, I was frustrated many times on the girl's behalf. I mean, how can you not know she likes you after dropping so many hints. He used to tease her with his sexy voice and accent and the babe will blush..blah blah, blah By the time he figured it out it was already late and she had grown up.

I know this doesn't apply only to men cos I have been guilty a few times but seeing as I'm a woman, I'll stick to talking about the men*tongue out*. Seriously tho, why do men do this? At the time when the crush is strongest and it feels like the guy is the only one in the world, that guy is most times completely clueless about you and your existence. Fast forward few months or years when you have managed to work him out of your system, he comes back all hyped up on love and wanting you to start feeling the boy but that ship has long since sailed. I'm in one of such situations now and its just frustrating. I have resorted to ignoring the guy's calls cos I just can't deal.

Anywaiz, I think we need to be more sensitive to the emotions of the people around us and not friend zone everyone we see/meet(Sunshine, take note).

Thanks for reading. Have a fantabulous holiday.



  1. Ahan nah! ** Sits down properly on jangolova chair.. Sunshine.. It eezz not our fault nah.. it eezz neFer that deep nahn... Okay! I totally understand the dilemma you described above.. and lemme jejely give you Duru's reason for the above.
    1. Me i mkuku think that often times it eezz just hard for me to see it cause we guys might see the lady only in the light of being a friend.. Now for someone who used to have.. abi who has (whoa! use ya Church mind and choose one, me ayAf Tire) with huge sexual craving like myself.. I have only 1 female friend and sooo many "I tried to be your man you said No" friends.. but most times I dont see a lady who shows me the green light simply cause to me she is just a friend. dasall!

    2. It eezz cause of the thrill.. guys often times like to "chase after" and not be "given".. I mean there is a thrill for me knowing a girl doesnt WANT me.. but then I go outta my way to show her that I can have her.. So here goes.. thats what goes on in my 23 years 8 months and 11 days confused head as regards the subject matter.

    How are you Bubba?! Ehhhmm.. My small Salary e haf finish eh! can i send in my Access Account deetz **winks.. I dunno why but I just have a feeling I must have Run into you on my many many Trekking sprees.. its the same kinda feeling i have for Cheers Bubba... and the crowd goes... Mwwwaaaah.

    1. Aha nah! Sunshine.. You haF start oh! **Crying in French.. Dont do this to us your readers nah.. Please.. I beg you in then name of BlackBerry Blue light :(


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