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The Natural Hair Journey So Far

Yo! guys, its been another minute :)
How did your day go? Mine was quite good. I ran away from the office at 5 literally o. Put my phones in flight mode so no call or mails will come I still got home like very late tho, I was so pissed. I think I'll just stick to working late everyday from here on out. I get home faster and get more work done in the office.

So today I went blog stalking.. I'm not sure why but I just kept clicking on each person's ID and it turned out they all had blogs and the binge reading began. I discovered one crazy one...lmao! That guy is hilarious. I'm not sure how the link thingy works but the blog is something something "Confused and Young". I laughed ehn... Funny guy.

So two years and some months ago, I decided to start growing my hair again(I cut it when i was going to boarding house in 2001...oh how I wept). Seeing as y'all don't know me yet, long story short, I'm a church girl and as such, no relaxer for me(I never really liked the idea anyway unless u count the times when I'm trying to pack the hair into shuku or any fabulous style). Anywaiz, my hair has been natural and its been a journey.

At first, the hair grew so fast, everyone was surprised and I was doing absolutely nothing to the hair, just my regular corn rows(side shuku to the nape or all back). Fast forward January this year, my hair started breaking like no tomorrow. It became stringy and very dry. As usual, I couldn't be bothered.

So sometime around April, a friend in the office kept harping on me to take better care of my hair. According to her, I'm the only person she knows who has natural hair that breaks and chopped front (my friend is dramatic like that) Anywaiz, I decided to stop putting my hair in corn rows and just let it breathe for a few weeks, its been 2 weeks and mehn... those "naturalistas" that have managed to pamper their hair to great lengths are the real MVPs.

That naturalista ish is not for the faint hearted. You have to wash, co-wash, and moisturise. See these 3 things I called? The arsenal of products that you will use to get optimal results is not a small something and their prices are on another level. I used to spend between 1,200 and 2,000  on my hair monthly and in one day (on top this natural hair wahala) I spent 10k on 3 hair products..*shines eye*

Beside all that tho, its been good so far. I'm reading a lot and learning a lot too. Spent a lil time giving my hair some much needed TLC yesterday and now its in these braids (that must not be shown to the I do hope I get to work early so I can arrange it well before 8am.

So what do I do to the hair? I wash with conditioner on some days just to detangle but I found out yesterday that lots of water also helps. The I add my leave-in-conditioner and one Cantu stuff I bought that's supposed to moisturise and then I comb it out and put it in a bun... shikena. That's my safest hairstyle, I don't have liver to do anything else yet :)

Anywaiz, this post is getting too long, but that's the hair journey so far. Would have shared pictures but I'm a lil skeptical about putting my pics up on my blog. What if my boss stumbles on my blog...lmao.
So y'all, just imagine a baby faced lady, with an awesome personality(still working on the awesome part..but u get the gist)

Have a fab Wednesday y'all and be awesome!



  1. Ehn!!! You spend kini! 2k?! lori hair.. **faints... heaven biko be a faint stopper.. Aha nah Bubba! kilode! Who died?! You know that part that you nah said that you spent 10k in one day.. the part that went **shines Eyes... hehehehe Really Bubba, my eyes shined well well like Police torch light there oh! aha! You are a just big geh someboRRy oh! :) Shuo! 10k on hair... It is for reasons like this that Omolomo me doesnt haf geh friend.. case Scenario..


    gehFriend: baby I need to do my hair..

    JdB: Again?! You did it just last 2 weeks nah?!

    gehFriend: Ehn nah! That one is stale.

    JdB: Okay oh, How much?!

    gehFriend: Just 10k! Only...

    JdB's Windows phone: **The caller you are calling e haf run away.. Please try again later..

    heheheheheheheh Thank you everything Bubba, Thank you for making me smile... i am in loF with you already.. **Covers face... I kinda dunno how old you are yeah, but having that I can relate to you has me going Ooooossshheeey Turn uP!. thanks for making me blush on The Young and Confused blog... Truly yeah, #ItcanonlybeGOD.. you sha know how to Toast a man shaaaa **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. About the mention on this ghen ghen post **Cleans Sweat.. mehnnn a neFer hexSpeRRed it sam sam.. I dedicate it to as mama lit the match that set my confusions on fire... Plus Mama is a serious Naturalista oh! and the crowd goes... Ooossshhheeey Turn uP!... cheers Susnshine.. You have made a fan and an Airconditioner outta this 23 years 5 months 9 days old young and confused.. and i mean UTTERLY confused man... :)

    P.S: You work in a Bank! Yyyyyeeeessss.. please i need a loan.. can i drop my best friend on blogger as collateral.. **Winks..Pretty please?!

  2. LMHAO!!!

    You just made my evening. Thanks for stopping by Duru. I will check out your naturalista mama's blog if only to get hair tips.. as for that loan, **The caller you are calling e haf run away.. Please try again

    Thanks once again for dropping by...

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere. Best wishes as you continue your blog journey!

  4. Hello Sunshine from Thelma's blog hehehe I found you yaaay. Welcome to blogsville I hope it is everything and more for you.

    Ps: does Kabuoy know bout this blog? Looools.

  5. @blogoratti Thanks for the wishes and for visiting.

    @Lohla Thanks. I hope it is too.

    My sis doesn't know about it yet...i think..? Lol. Thanks for stopping by

    1. Hian! Sunshine toh Shine ju sun lo....You know the awesome and ghen ghen Lola?! Wow!!! its official... i love you more already.. hehehhe Lola is amazing in caps I tell you.. Her blog is mmmwwaaaaahhh hehehe... and since they say show me ya friends and i will tell you how fantabulous you are be.. I know i am in good hands... So... Will you marry me.. hehehe iKid..

      P.S: Ye haf start oh! i thought you said its everyday blogging nah.. kai Bubba.. Some of us are addicted to you weekly like Cocaine already eh.. Biko update nah.. Please.. jo.. I am begging you in the name of petrol oh! **Crying in Spanish.. :(

    2. We miss you Bubba... someboRRy's have been refreshing on here for 2 weeks nah oh... please come back soon.. **cleans lone tear.

  6. lol..yaaayyy! i found sunshine's blog too..i seem to believe u are very smart judging from all the wise comments u make on TTB.anyways this natural hair thing is just getting wrote a whole epistle on it in my journal..i might post it on my blog soon.. anyways, have fun blogging!xx


  7. Hiya Sunshine.. How are you Bubba.. Please Can you read this post.. Its worth it I promise.. I would like to know your view on it.. Please Baby mi.. Pretty please?!


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