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Last Night

So I just got back from work and all thru the journey home I couldn't stop thinking about my new

Those VI petty thieves have devised a new method, I'll explain. On my way from work this evening, a colleague and I boarded a Keke to Obalende, after a few minutes, another guy joined us. Naturally, when I sit next to people in public transport, I hold my bag tighter and double check that my phones are still in my bag, etc. Anywaiz, the thing about this guy was, he didn't know where he was going. He just kept saying "along, along" he claimed not to know the name of his bus stop blah blah...

Fast forward like 2mins later, he's pointing at sputum on my colleague's head. Sputum ke? How did it get there? If someone had hacked beside you, you would sha know. Immediately he said that, my mind flashed to 2-3weeks ago in another Keke when some random guy informed me that there was sputum on my bag, I was perplexed that day too as to how the sputum got on my bag. I let my office and entered Keke straight, how did sputum get on my bag?

That day, I didn't bother cleaning it until I got down cos I was close to my bus stop. As soon as he pointed out the sputum in my colleague's hair, i just knew it was the same guy and I became suspicious immediately. As I was trying to clean the stuff from her hair I noticed his hand moving to her bag I just told her out loud, "hold your bag very well". I made sure the guy heard me when i said it, his hand went down to his lap slowly but
He got down at the next bus stop.

Today is a good day.
G'night y'all.


I wrote this post last night but I slept off before I could post it

Have a fab afternoon.


  1. Awww...sunshine baby....congrats on the blog....TNHW

  2. Lol.. I haven't been here since the day posted this. See the way I shined my eye when I saw "1 Comment". Thank you TNHW. You just made me blush like seriously.


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