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A Lil Bit of This, a Lil Bit of That

Yo! peeps, its been a minute.

So I found out today that TNHW from TTB was here a couple of days ago and I didn't find out until today... lol Thanks for stopping by ma'am, you rock!

Ok so I have realised that being a blogger is not a small Thumbs up to all the bloggers that find time to post something everyday, it takes dedication. Over the last couple of days, I can't count how many posts I did in my head on my way home that will never make it up  I outline the whole thing in my head, feeling fly et al but to bring out my phone and type it down, wahala! I'd rather just sleep or read a book or listen to music or... anything but type out that post sha*smh* Anywaiz, I'd make more of an effort.

I'm actually still at work. I figured since I've stayed this long (finished up like 5-8mins ago) I might as well chill for my supervisor and hitch a ride home so here I am. Its not like I like to stay so late at work o but I have this very annoying boss that must not see you carry your bag any time before 7pm, na so so jamb question he go dey ask, you'll now be wondering how staying 2 hours after the official closing time is not enough, I must sleep in the office too... yeye! Anyway, it was a crazy day at the office today, kept running up and down doing stuff but all in all, it was alright.

Y'all have a fab evening.



  1. Yay!!!!and I got a shout out... Now you see what the likes of Thelma go through... Forget the gossip blogs oh..Copy and paste lo sure ju...When I had my baby,I had no job on my hand,if you see day dreaming ehn...If I had put them to use,my blog would be popular by now.... So it happens like that.....Hope your Oga does not visit your blog oh....ciao....TNHW

    1. Hehehehehehehehhehe Your comment is Epic for states shaaa.. Lmao! No be small day dreaming oh!

  2. Lmao! Na serious work o. As for my oga, I will just deny my name sharply! I haven't gotten a better job yet so na to dey smile until I leave.

    1. lmao! You are just a box of Life aswear.. I mean i can so relate to the energy you Radiate :).. Nice one Sunshine... So i hope me saying "Welcome to Blogger" is acceptable.. just have fun Bubba.. Write as you think and dont think before you write.. Ehmm well thats my confused rule shaa **covers face..... Your kind will be Queen of this online community in merely months.. Just dont forget your WHY.. Hmmnnn it seems me and a certain someboRRy are on the same Victoria Island oh! **Wears Cheeky smile.. Cheers Bubba...

    2. Lol.. it is. Thank you.

      I can neither confirm nor deny that i work in VI...**shines teeth**


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