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The Natural Hair Journey So Far

Yo! guys, its been another minute :)
How did your day go? Mine was quite good. I ran away from the office at 5 literally o. Put my phones in flight mode so no call or mails will come I still got home like very late tho, I was so pissed. I think I'll just stick to working late everyday from here on out. I get home faster and get more work done in the office.

So today I went blog stalking.. I'm not sure why but I just kept clicking on each person's ID and it turned out they all had blogs and the binge reading began. I discovered one crazy one...lmao! That guy is hilarious. I'm not sure how the link thingy works but the blog is something something "Confused and Young". I laughed ehn... Funny guy.

So two years and some months ago, I decided to start growing my hair again(I cut it when i was going to boarding house in 2001...oh how I wept). Seeing as y'all don't know me yet, long story short, I'm a church girl and as such, no relaxer …

A Lil Bit of This, a Lil Bit of That

Yo! peeps, its been a minute.

So I found out today that TNHW from TTB was here a couple of days ago and I didn't find out until today... lol Thanks for stopping by ma'am, you rock!

Ok so I have realised that being a blogger is not a small Thumbs up to all the bloggers that find time to post something everyday, it takes dedication. Over the last couple of days, I can't count how many posts I did in my head on my way home that will never make it up  I outline the whole thing in my head, feeling fly et al but to bring out my phone and type it down, wahala! I'd rather just sleep or read a book or listen to music or... anything but type out that post sha*smh* Anywaiz, I'd make more of an effort.

I'm actually still at work. I figured since I've stayed this long (finished up like 5-8mins ago) I might as well chill for my supervisor and hitch a ride home so here I am. Its not like I like to stay so late at work o but I have this very annoyin…

Last Night

So I just got back from work and all thru the journey home I couldn't stop thinking about my new

Those VI petty thieves have devised a new method, I'll explain. On my way from work this evening, a colleague and I boarded a Keke to Obalende, after a few minutes, another guy joined us. Naturally, when I sit next to people in public transport, I hold my bag tighter and double check that my phones are still in my bag, etc. Anywaiz, the thing about this guy was, he didn't know where he was going. He just kept saying "along, along" he claimed not to know the name of his bus stop blah blah...

Fast forward like 2mins later, he's pointing at sputum on my colleague's head. Sputum ke? How did it get there? If someone had hacked beside you, you would sha know. Immediately he said that, my mind flashed to 2-3weeks ago in another Keke when some random guy informed me that there was sputum on my bag, I was perplexed that day too as to how the sputum got on my b…

First Post!

Yay!! I eventually created a blog. I have no idea what I'm going to write about seeing as I'm not a writer but I'd like to give this a shot.

I'd basically be writing about my life, my struggles, my victories, my growth and any other thing that comes to mind. I hope that in 5 to 6 years, I can look back at this day with a smile and see how much I've grown. Y'all are welcome to follow me on this journey and let's see if we can't have fun while we're at it (it feels weird talking about people when no one even knows the blog exists So just in case you're reading this, thanks for letting me know that I'm not crazy :) 

I'd post something maybe once in two days or once a

Ok. I'm out! Peace!