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One Man's Meat.. and a Surprise..

Hiya people, how are you doing?

A little background on me. When I was a lot younger, I was very quiet and calm, didn't talk too much, never held grudges(except with my sis of course... we kept malice like all the time), and basically a good child. You know that one sibling that your parents never cease to tell you to emulate? that was me and it used to piss my sister off. I remember my dad always telling Kabuoy to be more like me, I was non confrontational, very quiet and gentle, always went back to daddy even after I had been flogged or scolded, and had a sunny disposition to everything. I was really patient too(still patient but not as much as I used to be). Even now, when my sister tells my dad that I'm not as quiet as I used to be, he finds it hard to believe.

Goings on...


Hiya guys, how's the week going? Fabulous? Not so fabulous? Lets know in the comment section.

So, I went on a 3 day retreat last week, it was absolutely amazing. I got to discuss a lot of stuff with God et al, so now, I'm hoping for the best. Also...

Looking for Bro..?

Hello people, how are you all doing? How has the last one week been? And how's your Monday turning out? Great I hope.. The last one week was half crazy and half good. I started my 7 days leave on Thursday and I had to work on the same Thursday and didn't close until past 8, it is well. But since then, its been fun. I've been sleeping well, eating not so well(laziness) and generally just resting so its been good.

Today I'm going to be writing about something that has been coming up a lot in my conversations lately.

Can a new Buharinomics save Nigeria? – Full text of speech by Charles Soludo

Hiya guys. How did your weekend go? I hope it was more eventful than mine. A colleague sent me the link to today's post the day before yesterday. Its a transcript of a lecture Prof. Charles Soludo gave in Enugu a couple of days ago. I haven't finished reading it but the little I've read has been enlightening to say the least.

Higher Standard... Fair/Unfair

Hiya peeps. I changed my mind about what to post.
So one time during an officeargument discussion about hours of sleep in a day, a colleague of mine made a statement that made my head ring, like my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.
Today, we're talking about men of God and how a lot of us hold them to a higher standard and expect that they not fall ‘cause we think they're superhuman.


Hiya guys,

I have a post written but no time to edit it. Once I do which shouldn't be later that tonight, I will put it up.

Thanks for dropping by.

Loads of Love.

My Response to Adele's Hello

Hello people, how are you doing this fine Friday afternoon. I'm so excited its Friday.. I don't know why, its not like I do anything fantastic on the weekends, just sleep and eat and watch old episodes of Grey's anatomy on my laptop but I love weekends anywaiz. But today's excitement is extra special. I'm not sure its right to be this excited sef but I am. So my department met her target for the year in September so our group head is kinda throwing us a party today at Ntyce Lounge.. its more like a hangout sha but I'm excited. Food, karaoke, drinks, etc... Can't wait*shines teeth*

Sisi Lady

My sister had this principal in secondary school that used to say "ladies must behave in a seemly manner at all times". Although it was a common joke in their school that time, that phrase has stuck with me since then. My mum also taught us something along those lines and as such, I always try to be collected and ladylike everywhere I go. Although its hard trying to be collected when you have to deal with danfo drivers and okada men on a daily (Lord! I need a car) I have successfully managed to keep it together until last week Thursday.

Of Crushing and Crushes

Err... I had a pretty good idea of how I will start this post but its all gone Anywaiz, as you can deduce from the title, I have a crush! Yay!!! BTW, who remembers the drink above? It was my best drink way back when... good times..

Lesson in Consistency: 1st Continuous

Hiya peeps! I know its been over a week but work has been extra crazy and I've been extra lazy intellectually too. That lesson in consistency I told you about in the Blog Awards post, I am currently on a D or even E sef grade wise.


Hiya peeps, how're y'all doing this fine afternoon. So I'm very excited today. One of my favourite blogs has produced their very first stage play and its going to show this weekend at Terra Kulture. See ehn, those guys atTNCare the craziest, dopest, and most of all "intelligentest" peeps ever! And I have no doubt that this play is going to be dope! Anywaiz, see gist from the Toolsman below...

Blog Award From Thelma Thinks: Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers

Hiya peeps, How're y'all doing this fine Monday evening? How did last week go? Did you accomplish all you set out to do? My week was very stressful last week, I'm relieving a colleague of mine who's on leave and mehn... its been a lesson in patience and tolerance. My phone rings non stop all day everyday, its crazy. But besides that and the fact that I lost my 91 year old grandpa today, I'm very well.

Keeping Secrets

Hello Y'all, how have you been? I'v been good or as good as can be expected considering...

Its another Monday morning, I hope you're fired up for the week? Here's a little something for you :)

So today, as the title implies, we will be talking about secrets.

Hopeless Situations

Hiya peeps, how're you doing? So finding stuff to write about is not a small something, but I'm staying positive :)

So last week, I got some not so good news about someone I know and I was really sad about it. I committed it to God but I was still angry at him for even letting it happen at all. On Friday evening I was going thru the videos on my phone and I found this one by Jon Jorgenson, the video answered the questions I had for God in my mind. I thought I would be nice to share it here. See the video below, The Wall: A Hopeless Situation.

Letters to God


I'm sure you're wondering why I'm posting so frequently, well, I'm no leave so I've got nothing but time on my hands right now.

I've not been very happy for the past couple of hours, something has been weighing on my mind but I committed it to God last night and went to bed, I have prayed about it today too and hope that my petition is in accordance with God's will.

I woke up yesterday morning and saw a facebook notification so I opened my facebook, going thru my feeds, I found one video from Steve Harvey's show(I love watching those clips especially the "ask Steve" segments, hilarious stuff). Anywaiz, this particular video was about letters that some children wrote to God. If you know anything about Steve Harvey, you'll know that he picked the most hilarious ones. I was able to screen grab a few, so enjoy..


Yo peeps! I know its not Monday yet but I just couldn't resist. This ministerial list brouhaha is bothering me. I mean, we're in a dispensation of change right? So what are names like Rotimi Amaechi and Lai Mohammed doing on that list? I thought we would be having  a transparent government going forward? I assumed that meant we would have credible leaders, men of integrity, who have great passion for the country and zeal to work.

I've been looking at that list with side eyes since it was released and I just don't know. Upon all the campaign and nonsense, we still have old people in Buhari's cabinet. Are we saying there are no intelligent well accomplished Nigerians in their 30s and 40s?


Hiya peeps, how are you doing today? How was last week's independence celebration? Hope you had fun and prayed for our dear Nigeria?

I just realised at 11pm that I have a post due today and I have nothing to put up. Every thing I have thought to write about are either not solid enough or not finished so... Anywiaz...

I was at Terra Kulture on Sunday with my mum and sis to see a play, the title is Shattered. It was my second time seeing a play at TK and it was just as awesome as the first time.

The play was centered around rape and its aftermath, the play tried to shed light on what the victims go thru after the incident and how they process it, the psychological trauma the victims have to live thru and sharing their stories with others. It also shed some light on parenting in Nigeria especially as regards rape and how parents react to or process the information.

Oliver Twist

Yo! Peeps. How're y'all doing this fine day? Excellent I hope?

Today we're talking Oliver Twist...(I never did read that book to the end. I'm not even sure I know the story sef*covers face*). Anywaiz, on my way to work this morning, a thought occured to me, when did I become this person that started going to "office" very early in the morning like mummy? When did the most important prayer point in my life change from making sure I don't come 7th again in my pry5 class or passing common entrance to getting a promotion at work. When did I go from being the girl that collected monthly allowance from mum and dad to being the daughter that will never call to tell you she's broke, when did I grow up. Where did my childhood go?

On somedays, I miss my childhood so bad, I want to beat myself when I remember how eager I was to grow up. (I keep telling my baby sis to not be in a hurry to grow up cos growing up is a scam! Yes, a scam!) On other days, I know its j…

About Me

Hello y'all. How are you doing? So this week went by in a blur, I posted one day and the next day, another post is due! I'm like, where did the week go?

I was ill for the first part of this week, I had to take the day off yesterday, I slept the whole day with the aid of 2 piritin tablets in the morning and another 2 in the afternoon. I woke up this morning fresh and ready to work :). There's nothing like good health mehn! All the body pains, loss of appetite, funny taste in the mouth, dizziness, etc. We take good health for granted until we actually break down. Thank God for good health.

So, to today's post...

I'm going to write about myself and probably put up a pic*shines teeth*. I don't know, I just feel like it so, here goes...

Assumptions, assumptions..

Yo! Peeps. How has September been so far? Fabulous I hope? Anywaiz, lets delve right into it. Today, I'm going to write about ladies and assumptions or hurried 

So I hear guys always complaining about girls and how once they talk to them or go on a date the ladies start "planning out the wedding" *in Poe's voice*. Also, I hear guys complaining that most girls they chat up or try to have a conversation with always always form as if they are trying to ask them(the ladies) out and I've read on twitter one too many times that "Ladies, not every guy who talks to you wants to ask you out". Well, I'm happy to announce to you that I am one of those ladies described

My Trip to the South East

Yo! Peeps, how're y'all doing? How's work, life, school, etc.. treating you? Life has been ok for me. I travelled to Imo state over the weekend for a burial. I have never gone past Anambra state before so it was my first time in that part of Nigeria. The journey was smooth, benin-ore road is really good now, not the nightmare it used to be.

On our way to the place tho, it rained a lot so we had to be careful and not speed too much. I saw two fresh accidents on the road, one at Ore and another in Delta state just after Agbor. The two accidents happened as we were approaching the scenes, it was terrible to see. The one at Ore was an Iyare motors vehicle, the guy ran into a stationary trailer, the driver died on the spot as the tail of the trailer hit his chest on impact. All the people who sat in front were also seriously injured. I had never seen such a thing in my entire life! I was so scared! The one at Agbor, the roads were wet and I don't even know how it happened, t…

My Foray into Food Blogging...

Yo! Guys, how’re y’all doing? I know it’s been a while and I keep apologising but, I can’t help it, I’m sorry for taking off on you guys like that. How have you been? I hope life is treating you well? And you've been doing fabulously?

Today, I’m going to write about food. My sister has been on my case to write this piece for like a week, if not more but time is so expensive these days... Anywaiz, let’s do this! Disclaimer: I know next to nothing about the dynamics of food blogging so please pardon all my mistakes. Gracias.

Mini Mini Rant

Yo! peeps. How're y'all doing this evening? I'm doing very well, work has been crazy lately but all in all, its been good. Today is the last working day of the week and I'm uber excited about the coming holiday. I've been looking forward to it since the beginning of July even though I'm not a I'll get to spend time with my family outside this crazy Lagos and do a lot of driving - since I started driving last year, it has become my favourite thing to do(wired right?) Its not because I'm such a good driver, in fact, its very far from it...lool. I love the looks I get from people when they see a "small girl" at the wheel, one guy almost drove his car into that triangular stuff at Opebi roundabout one I'm also looking forward to all the ijekuje I will eat to add to my present weight gain "campaign".

Anywaiz, I'm not sure where the direction of today's post is going but I'll just wing it and see how …


Yo! peeps. How're y'all doing this fine morning?
Have you ever wondered about us human beings and how we put a lot of pressure on ourselves(consciously and unconsciously) to be better, like some celeb, like our contemporaries, like our parents, like anything we get into our minds?

Happy New Week!

Yo! peeps, how're y'all doing?

A Culture of Disrespect by Yemisi Ogbe

Yo! peeps.. its been an hour and a half. I'm so sorry for the long hiatus. How've you been doing? I've been well. Just very very swamped with work and adding weight *covers face* I hope you've been well to.

Anywaiz, I was going through old posts on Feyi's Blog(2012) and I saw a link to another post on another blog, and I just had to share it with you guys. I could relate to many of the scenarios she painted especially Elizabeth's story. Something similar happened to me a couple of months ago on Gbagada-Oshodi express way, I almost crashed the car that day as I had just started driving alone a few weeks prior to that time. The only difference between Elizabeth's story and mine is I didn't stop my car(cos it was an express) and as such, I didn't get beaten up but they almost ran me off the road just because I was driving beside a convoy. Should I have carried my car on my head?

Warning: The post is a bit long but its well worth the read.


The Natural Hair Journey So Far

Yo! guys, its been another minute :)
How did your day go? Mine was quite good. I ran away from the office at 5 literally o. Put my phones in flight mode so no call or mails will come I still got home like very late tho, I was so pissed. I think I'll just stick to working late everyday from here on out. I get home faster and get more work done in the office.

So today I went blog stalking.. I'm not sure why but I just kept clicking on each person's ID and it turned out they all had blogs and the binge reading began. I discovered one crazy one...lmao! That guy is hilarious. I'm not sure how the link thingy works but the blog is something something "Confused and Young". I laughed ehn... Funny guy.

So two years and some months ago, I decided to start growing my hair again(I cut it when i was going to boarding house in 2001...oh how I wept). Seeing as y'all don't know me yet, long story short, I'm a church girl and as such, no relaxer …

A Lil Bit of This, a Lil Bit of That

Yo! peeps, its been a minute.

So I found out today that TNHW from TTB was here a couple of days ago and I didn't find out until today... lol Thanks for stopping by ma'am, you rock!

Ok so I have realised that being a blogger is not a small Thumbs up to all the bloggers that find time to post something everyday, it takes dedication. Over the last couple of days, I can't count how many posts I did in my head on my way home that will never make it up  I outline the whole thing in my head, feeling fly et al but to bring out my phone and type it down, wahala! I'd rather just sleep or read a book or listen to music or... anything but type out that post sha*smh* Anywaiz, I'd make more of an effort.

I'm actually still at work. I figured since I've stayed this long (finished up like 5-8mins ago) I might as well chill for my supervisor and hitch a ride home so here I am. Its not like I like to stay so late at work o but I have this very annoyin…

Last Night

So I just got back from work and all thru the journey home I couldn't stop thinking about my new

Those VI petty thieves have devised a new method, I'll explain. On my way from work this evening, a colleague and I boarded a Keke to Obalende, after a few minutes, another guy joined us. Naturally, when I sit next to people in public transport, I hold my bag tighter and double check that my phones are still in my bag, etc. Anywaiz, the thing about this guy was, he didn't know where he was going. He just kept saying "along, along" he claimed not to know the name of his bus stop blah blah...

Fast forward like 2mins later, he's pointing at sputum on my colleague's head. Sputum ke? How did it get there? If someone had hacked beside you, you would sha know. Immediately he said that, my mind flashed to 2-3weeks ago in another Keke when some random guy informed me that there was sputum on my bag, I was perplexed that day too as to how the sputum got on my b…

First Post!

Yay!! I eventually created a blog. I have no idea what I'm going to write about seeing as I'm not a writer but I'd like to give this a shot.

I'd basically be writing about my life, my struggles, my victories, my growth and any other thing that comes to mind. I hope that in 5 to 6 years, I can look back at this day with a smile and see how much I've grown. Y'all are welcome to follow me on this journey and let's see if we can't have fun while we're at it (it feels weird talking about people when no one even knows the blog exists So just in case you're reading this, thanks for letting me know that I'm not crazy :) 

I'd post something maybe once in two days or once a

Ok. I'm out! Peace!